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TWebSchAdmin Update 5.40.50


TWebSchAdmin v.5.40.50 - April, 2018

You must be running TWebSchAdmin v.5.40.45 or higher before updating to this version.

TWebSchAdmin 5.40.50 is compatible with:

  • Core Trillium v.4.00.00 and higher;
  • Landing page v.5.40.30
  • CAS Central Authorization System v.

Release Notes

FunctionDetailsClient Ticket #
Add CoursesFor some schools, an error was appearing while creating new Courses for Course Codes that cannot be validated. This issue was coming because of mismatch of School Name in Add Course popup and selected School in header. We've improved this; we now compare school BSIDs instead of school names. 103607
Admin AttendanceIn Chrome version 65, our Admin Attendance Slip pop-up window won't display unless you disable Chrome's pop-up blocker. We've added an on-screen message suggesting you do that.140461
Daily AttendanceOur application no longer incorrectly maps G-days as absences.140940, 140914, 141392
Elementary AchievementYou can again enrol students of any gender to non-coed Health/P.E. Classes without receiving an error.135995
Elementary AchievementAttendance issues no longer occur when Elementary schools use non-numeric Report Period values.
Incident TrackingWhen Suspension Type was changed from both Academic and non-academic, and Non Academic to Academic only the non-academic programs still stayed in the system. This caused a critical error when doing the OnSIS suspension/ explusion submission. We fixed this.133392
Incident TrackingWhen adding a new incident, the acceptable Date Range is usually July 1-June 30. For schools with an end date after June 30,  (typically summer schools), Aug. 31 is now the last valid incident Date.133146
Secondary AchievementUnder SHSM Maintenance, you can now see Students by groups, regardless of whether staff is assigned129998, 132647, 132901,132960
Secondary AchievementThe Transcript Information window allowed you to enter a substitution for any course, instead of restricting the substitution only to courses that can meet a compulsory credit.  We fixed that.140238
Secondary AchievementA small number of schools encountered a technical error when generating achivement. We edited our SQL coding so that the connection would no longer close, generating that error.
139518, 134667, 132297
Secondary AchievementWe corrected the section label on the Award/Credit screen from  Specialized High School Major to Specialist High Skills Major.
134834, 138531
Secondary AchievementYou'll no longer get a Technical Difficulties error when attempting to enter the Equivalent Credit Distribution for a QEV1W course.135202
Student MaintenanceYou can again move the Entry/Enrolment Date forward.138202
Student MaintenanceWhen an active Student is transferred and pre-registered for Next Year within the same Board, marking them Demit/No Show no longer removes the student's OEN and Student ID number. 140830, 140910, 141377
Student MaintenanceStudents transferred on a future date didn't always (transfer). We fixed that. They also demit properly from their original school on the Transfer Date.
Student MaintenanceStudents who were demitted on a future day were not showing Inactive as of that day. We fixed that, as long as you log-in through Core Trillium on or after the selected Demit Date#139222, #139704, #139692, #139967, #140450
Student MaintenanceDemitting students who have a null Course Code no longer generates a Technical Problem error.
Student MaintenanceUsers were unable to elect to register a Student as New, successfully, if he/she had been previously enrolled. We now allow that, as long as the Student Numbers are different.138053
Student MaintenanceTransferring a Student on a future date no longer removes them from any Sibling Group nor deletes that Group's number.139374
Student MaintenanceAdding a Student as new in a School which previously shared that student now processes correctly.
Student MaintenanceIf you demit a student on the same day, we now delete the enrolment record, as in Core Trillium.
Student MaintenanceA shared student can now be successfully demitted from their original school, even if enrollment dates overlap; as long as their original school's enrolment is, in fact, over.
Student MaintenancePre-registered students can again be assigned as siblings to existing students. 
Student RegistrationWe've removed Designated School fields from the Registration tab of Student Maintenance. They should only be part of the Student Enrolment fields.134031

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