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Trillium Agent: Update v.2.80.00


Trillium Agent v.2.80.00 - June 2017


Trillium Agent v.2.80.00 is compatible with:

  • Core Trillium v.3.16.00 and higher;
  • Via Online Forms (OLR and Demographic Updater) 3.4.3 and newer;
  • Via Platform and newer;
  • TWebServices-Auth v.5.40.00.
  • Class and Home v. 2.1.0 and newer;
  • StudentsAchieve v.6.6.0 and newer;
  • L4U 4.6.5 and newer.


 This release contains updates for Java 8 and Tomcat 8

OS Certification    

PowerSchool is pleased to announce that Trillium Agent application has been certified for Java 8 and Tomcat 8. During the transition time period of May - September 2017, Trillium Agent can be run either on Tomcat 7 or Tomcat 8. We will continue to release upgraded Trillium web-based applications according to the roadmap we specified in April, 2017.

Release Notes

ModuleDetailsClient Ticket
EWS Keys configuration modificationWe have removed a deprecated system administration configuration setting. This patch should be applied to ensure the proper removal of the configuration setting so that the legacy settings cannot be selected.  N/A
ServiceNew "Unit Type" Service created to support changes in TWebOLR 131795

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