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Admin Attendance: Activating Pre-Registered Students

Trillium has always updated the status of a Pre-Registered student to Active using the Attendance > Class/Group function. However, this process has changed a bit with the Admin Attendance module in TWebSchAdmin. This article explains how to update the student's status from Pre-Registered to Active in the Admin Attendance module.

Activating Pre-registered Students 

You must still use the Admin Attendance > Class/Group page to activate Pre-Registered students. We cover that page's basics here. Once a class is selected, and the student search is done, Pre-Registered students always appear at the top of the student list in the Attendance List section, and are identified with the indicator NS (No-Show) in the Status field to the left of Name.

In order to make students Active, you must select the students with the NS indicator that are Present in the Class, and click  Save. This will remove the NS indicator and the student will become Active. You do not have to select an option in the Report As picklist. 

Students that are absent should not be checked.  Once the Attendance is saved, the Absent students will retain their Pre-Registered status, the NS indicator will remain, and these students will appear at the top of student list. 

Students will retain the NS indicator unless the checkbox (at left) for that student is selected and the Report As field is empty when the Save button is clicked.

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