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Student Maintenance: Early Years Experience


Beginning in October 2018, the Ontario Ministry of Education is asking for optional information regarding your first-time enrollees' experience before enrolling at your Board. The Early Years Experiences (EYE) survey is part of TWebSchAdmin 5.40.40. The entire Survey is optional, and has been reduced from its original seven questions to the five you see here.

  • To be able to see EYE menu choice show above, your technical staff needs to provide you the proper Security Task.
  • If you Click Early Years Experience without having installed a license, you'll get this message: "There is not a valid Early Years Experience license for this board." Consult your technical staff.
  • It's important to begin by filling in the correct school year for the "School Year Survey Completed" prompt. Example: Whether it's November 2017 or March 2018, if you're enrolling students whose first classes with you will be the following fall, choose School Year 2018-2019.
  • You'll begin filling in EYE surveys when you begin enrolling students for next fall. You may still get new students next fall of course, so you'll still be able to fill out 2018-2019 surveys then.  
  • You'll be able to fill the entire survey for an individual student out all at once, or you'll be able to fill it in during multiple sessions. Be sure to Click Save to save your changes each time before you close the page.
  • Our software will allow you to fill out the EYE Survey for any student, even high-school seniors; so exercise care when choosing your student. You will always want to survey only those JK or K students who did not previously enroll in an Ontario school.
  • Some questions allow you to have more than one answer, while others will not.
  • If you choose don't remember  for any question, that is the only answer you can enter for that particular question. 
  • The Ministry provided us a list of Cities and Child Care Centers, which we've made available as picklists in some questions. Not applicable is a choice as well, which would be used in some situations, for instance, when the child was in the care of a parent, friend or unlicensed home.
  • Some answers will involve time blocks. 
  • You don't have to provide an answer for each question or age bracket within each question. If you leave some blank, you will still be able to save the other answers.
  • This will be part of TWebOLR and also part of TWebSchAdmin – where, in Student Maintenance, you'll hover over Maintain Student, then Click Early Years Experiences.
  • The transmission plan is: EYE will be part of the OnSIS collection/transmission each October, beginning in October 2018. Each October, OnSIS will transmit students who have their EYE information identified as being completed for that school year (based on the answer to the School Year Survey Completed prompt).

Next Steps

Start in Student Maintenance, as we explain above. 

Remember: It's important to begin by filling in the correct year. Example: Whether it's November, 2017 or March, 2018, if you're enrolling students whose first classes with you will be the following fall, choose School Year 2018-2019.

Below the Year choice:

Question 1 is the first of four questions which have age periods. Unlike the other three, this one allows multiple answers per age period.

Question 2 allows you to manually enter one answer per age period. The picklist in Column 3 is dictated by the Community you choose in Column 1. The Street Name will populate automatically once you select the name of the child care centre.  If you don't see the name of the care centre in the list, type in the correct name and this new value will be accepted.  Remember to also provide the Street Name in this case.  The city and care centre fields are also autocomplete fields, so typing the first few characters will filter the picklist displayed.

Question 3  asks whether the child's parent has heard of child and family centers which the Ministry of Education has invested in.

Question 4 is another question with age periods. You can enter one answer per period. 

Question 5 asks about other activities in which the child may have participated. You are, again, allowed one answer per age period.


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