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Trillium OnSIS: Update v.


Trillium OnSIS v.  November 2017

This version is compatible with Core Trillium 3.16.00 and higher



Please do not use Excel to edit, modify or save your CSV files as it changes formatting and causes errors during the loading of these files. Notepad should be used to edit, modify or save those files.

Release Notes 

FunctionDetailsTicket #

Clients were encountering the error message  Total classes - Student must be less than or equal to Total Classes - Course for  Locally Developed Courses when there wasn't an issue. This has been fixed.
SnapshotStudents with an exceptionality of "No Exceptionality" no longer have their IPRC_flag reported as True.137046, 137103, 137647, 137607, 137297 
TransmissionPrivate Secondary School submission files no longer include the new Total_Classes_Course tag in the course segment section.137122
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