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TWebSchAdmin: Update v.5.40.30


  TWebSchAdmin v.5.40.30 - September, 2017.


If you have not already done so, you must update to TWebSchAdmin v.5.40.20 before updating to this version.

TWebSchAdmin 5.40.30 is compatible with:

  • Core Trillium v.3.16.00 and higher;

  • Landing page v.5.40.30;

  • CAS Central Authorization System v.


Release Notes

ModuleFunctionDetailsClient Ticket #


Struts 2 Update

The product has been updated with Struts 2 v.2.3.34 to address the vulnerability issue in the Apache Struts 2 web application framework which was recently announced. (see for further details).

You don't need to apply emergency patch if you install this version. If you've already installed it, no harm in installing this.



Training Videos

We've added support for three new training videos to the Landing Page menu.
1) Register Transferred Students
2) Share within Board
3) Transfer within Board

Menu items will appear when videos have been deployed.



Admin AttendanceCalendar ProfileCalendar Profile in Admin Attendance module showed absence dates but did not show different Attendance Types in different colors. We fixed that, so now you'll see absence dates in a color specific to each Absence Type. If you don't see the colours right away, blow out your browser's cache.111616
Admin AttendanceIndividual AttendanceIf students sign out at the very last minute of the Period on their Admit Slip, the application no longer creates an Absent record in their individual Attendance details.128722
Admin AttendanceIndividual AttendanceSelecting the dates in Multi-Date Calendar Picker removed all the values from the Reason picklist. We fixed that so the Reasons picklist works the same way as Date Range.130777
Incident TrackingParticipant DetailsWe reduced to 200 the max length of the Consequence Letter Comment text box on the Participant Details tab of Incident Tracking, in order to synchronize it in DB size.

Java 8, Tomcat 8

Installation Doc

We modified PowerSchool SIS Trillium Web Environment Installation Java 8 documentation, available here, to reflect these changes:

1. The downloading link of Microsoft JDBC Driver 4.0 for SQL Server was corrected on Page 15. 5.3.2 MSSQL JDBC Driver Installation, bullet #2. 

2. On Page 14, 5.2 Tuning Tomcat, #2 "as shown in the screenshot above," was corrected to "as shown in the screen below,"


Java 8, Tomcat 8Installation DocWe removed these two parameters from Tomcat 8 configuration, because Java 8 deprecated them:
Secondary Achievement SetupAwardWe corrected the issue where a student's OSSD was granted by his Shared School instead of his Home School.132434, 132749, 132490, 132650
Secondary Achievement SetupAwards/CreditsReports now show properly in Secondary Achievement Setup > Award/Credits tab.129896
Secondary Achievement SetupAwards/CreditsUsers can now save changes to the Award/Credit screen when a student has the combination of successful completion of literacy requirements and unsuccessful OSSLT results, as long as the student has successfully completed the OLC (CCL) course or the Adjudication flag is set on.131923, 134527, 134815

Secondary Achievement Setup

Build Achievement

We fixed the fact that, when calculating total classes, our application was not considering the YTD ATD check box.

  • When the YTD ATD check box is off, the Total Classes calculation will be based on the Date Range of the selected Report Period. 
  • If the YTD ATD check box is on, the calculation will use the first day of the school year & the end date of the selected Report Period. 

This will ensure that errors are not triggered in OnSIS as a result of the Total Classes being less than the Total Absences for a student.

Secondary Achievement SetupCompulsory Credit CalculationsDuring a credit calculation, when an English credit was split between several courses, one of which had a credit value of 0.32, the OSSD diploma was not awarded. We corrected that.104228
Secondary Achievement SetupCompulsory Credit CalculationsClarification:  When SHSM certifications are applied to a SHSM major, a student may only earn one certification in each category. This can result in a school seeing one student have the certification count towards their SHSM, and another student not.99279
Secondary AchievementFrench CreditAdditional French credit was counting as Group 1, but should be Group 2.  We fixed that.90725
Secondary Achievement SetupYear SetupIn Secondary Achievement Setup module, TWEBSCHADMIN > Secondary Achievement Setup > YEAR SETUP > COURSE/SECTION TO REPORT PERIOD MAPPING, Courses and Classes that have the sixth character with an accent did not show accurately. We fixed that by proper character encoding.
Staff MaintenanceStaff PictureWe fixed the fact staff photos were not displaying. If you already ran a script and changed Preference from "1" to "Y,"  you need to change it back or simply turn this Preference offthen on in Core Trillium.128063
Student MaintenanceContactsWe changed how cached data is updated in JavaScript, so that when you decease a contact, all information for the subsequent contact no longer disappears. For example, deceasing mother, doesn't remove all the father's information. 130020

Student Maintenance


All Aboriginal labels now display Indigenous, as the Ministry asked.

Student MaintenanceEnrolmentsWe fixed the calculation of Student Status from enrollment records. Students no longer become Inactive if you modify past Departure information.130534
Student MaintenanceOnline HelpHelp button was not opening correct topics. We fixed that.131108
Student MaintenanceOnline HelpHelp file contents have been updated to accurately indicate the Share Date cannot be updated130974
Student MaintenanceOnline HelpHelp file has been corrected to properly identify which Student information will display when the Student Info Icon is clicked on the Share Within School Board Page130971
Student MaintenancePhones & EmailsYou can, again, delete telephoneN/A
Student MaintenancePreferencesIn Core Trillium, in the Preferences section, Board Demographic tab, there is a Set Flags On for Access Contacts: Preference. The setup of this flag was not reflected in previous version. We resolved that by adding functionality to properly handle Preference settings. 129512

Student Maintenance

Share within school board>Student search

The value of Previous school was not handled properly in Student Search. Therefore the search returned the proper list of students only if this field was left blank, which means any Previous School was valid for search criteria.
We fixed this. Now, if Previous School field is populated, students who were registered in this school in the past are filtered out.

Here are some explanations of auto populated fields:

  • When you start typing Previous School name, you get a picklist with possible school selections.
    • Typing just the beginning of Previous School name into Student Search isn't enough, because schools may have multiple BSIDs.
    • The picklist prevents errors in selecting Previous School.
  • Student Name works similarly; Students may have the same name.
    • When you start typing Student Name, you get a picklist with Student Name, Previous School Brief Name and School Year.
    • This feature also prevents errors; only Students who were registered to Previous School are in the picklist.
  • Both these fields work nicely together. We strongly suggest always making selections from both these fields' picklists.
    • You won't be able, in Student Search, to manually enter just the Previous School brief name, or the beginning of Student Name.
    • We did it this way to significantly decrease your risk of entering the wrong data.

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