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StudentsAchieve Update 6.6.20


Students Achieve 6.6.20. Includes fixes in 5.18.20.

Version Compatibility 

Students Achieve 6.6.00 requires:

  • Microsoft .Net 4.6 (free download from Microsoft).   
  • Via Platform  for Trillium clients.

Release Notes



We modernized Student Summary Report to bring it inline with our new User Interface look and feel.

- It uses proper print parameters for proper browser printing and PDF conversion;
- We expanded report options for a diverse set of needs.
Self-Service Upgrade

We have made several changes to the Updater package:

  • It now deploys webservices (e.g. Report Manager and Integration Agents), in addition to SASTeacherWeb and SASPublic Web, which previously had this level of support;
  • We added the ability to update Windows Services. This simplifies the process of stopping the Service, copying the files to the Service and then restarting the Service.

Complete Instructions

Curriculum BrowserTeachers can now filter the Grade Level according to the Subject Specialization, because we adjusted the Grade Level filter to only display Grades with configured curriculum. The Grade Level picklist is empty by default. It fills up only on the selection of Subject and Specialization.If there are no specializations for the subject, the Grade levels in the picklist are the ones that are current.
Student AnalysisPreviously, when accessing Student Analysis, even with read-only access, you were able to edit comments and professional judgement results. We fixed that.
Student AnalysisPreviously, whenever TeacherGuid was removed from URL the page was redirecting to blank. Now, it redirects to current track.
Student AnalysisEarlier, the warning pop-up was not showing when teachers wrote Comments and tried to change student/subject/term; then navigated to other pages without saving their Comment. With this fix, functionality has been restored and it now shows pop-up under the given cases.
Student AnalysisThe creation of cross-curricular assessments in Touch Marks Entry at times was causing an error in Student Analysis. The error no longer displays. 
Student AnalysisThere had been an empty Term Comment under Professional Judgement, which was of no use. We removed that empty comment. Now, we have only a Term Comment multi-line text box, in which you both display and edit the Term Comment.
Touch Marks EntryWith the UAS Web screens, locked classes are no longer editable. The New button is disabled when the status for classes is Locked. Earlier, even after enforcing locked status for Classes under TME, you could modify them.
Touch Marks EntryEven after TME had timed out, if you entered Comments, they continued to turn green as if they were saved. But if you refreshed the page, they were gone. To avoid that: Now if you try to save Comments after TME has timed out, a non-intrusive alert tells you the session has expired.
Touch Marks EntryIf you're a teacher with read-only access, you no longer have import functionality.
Touch Marks EntryEarlier, when accessing Assessment Resources from TME for a specific class and task, the arrow next to the Class Name in the class list picklist was not working. We resolved that issue.

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