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TWebOLR Update v.1.71.10


TWebOLR 1.71.10 -  August, 2018. Updated September, 2018.

September 7, 2018

The previous version of Demographic Updater does not support the history of address changes for a student or contact. When the address is changed, our application sets an End Date for the previous address without deleting it. We fixed this. Download hotfix here.


  • You must be running Java 8
  • Core Trillium  v. CT 4.00.00 and higher;
  • Trillium Agent v. 2.91.00;
  • Via Online Forms (OLR and Demographic Updater) 3.6.2 or newer;
  • Via Platform 1.2.9 or newer;
  • TWebServices-Auth v.5.40.10;

Important Note

If you have any outstanding forms, you must process them before deploying TWebOLR 1.71.10.


Download is here

Release Notes

FunctionalityDetailsJIRA: Trill-

TwebOLR 1.71.10 is certified with the latest Java 8.0.172 and Tomcat version v.8.5.31.

Note: Beginning with this release, TWebOLR will only support a Java 8 environment. More information, including a link to installation files, is  here.


Tomcat 8.5.31 has a feature that allows to deploy multiple versions of a web application with the same context path at the same time. These multiple versions can exist simultaneously. All end users will be gradually forwarded to the latest version without restarting the Tomcat service after upgrading web apps. We will get zero-downtime deployment.
Refer to the "Tomcat Parallel Deployment Deployment Guide 2018" in web_software_java8_July_2018_ for more details. Refer to our Tomcat Parallel Deployment Deployment Guide here.

MigrationThe sacrament fields are now updated in TWebOLR while registering new students.4199
MigrationWe added a checkbox for "Immunization record received," which is part of the Trillium migration process. Use the new default schema in order to see this field.4410
ValidationWe've enhanced TWebOLR to show more informative messages when you've entered data that is not valid in Trillium.1063
ValidationWe've enhanced Via Demographic Updater to show more informative messages when you've entered data that is not valid in Trillium.4688
ValidationWe've provided more descriptive error messages when you encounter problems during the migration of EYE data; for example, when a parent chooses a care center in the EYE section of the form, then tries to remove it.3870
ValidationWhen a parent enters the wrong school year into OLR, they will now receive a pop-up message.3942
ValidationWhen a student's Birth Country is Canada, only Canadian Citizen or Native Ancestry are now valid for the Status in Canada field.4112
ValidationIf you enter a Medical Remark field that is too long, you will now receive a message.3059
ValidationWhen adding a new student, whose Status in Canada is Immigrant, and all fields in that area are filled out: users get this message:
"For international students, the expiry date of the status in the country can not be empty.” We fixed that.

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