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TWebEA Update v.5.43.00


  • TWebEA 5.43.00 - September 2019


  • This version is compatible with Core Trillium 4.11.00 and higher. 
  • You must be running TWebEA 5.42.20 before updating to this version.


  • TWebEA Download is here. 

Release Notes

Data EntryThe comment size calculation has been updated to perform its calculation to greater precision. For combined subject comment boxes, comments will be concatenated using a carriage return rather than a single space. If comments have been saved for the current report period prior to upgrading, it is possible that comment truncation may occur when printing report cards.TRILL-8119
Report CardsA small adjustment has been made in the sizing of the combined subject comment boxes for the Term 1 report card, which will be used in January. Please ensure this version has been installed prior to any comment entry for this term.


Report CardsThe new Ontario provincial logo has been applied to all versions of the Progress report card.


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