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Core Trillium: Update v.4.00.00


  Core Trillium v.4.00.00 - January 2018


To ensure Windows 10 compatibility, product stability and improve future support, we are pleased to introduce the latest release of Core Trillium.
  • We built and tested Core Trillium v.4.00.00 using the latest release of Appeon's PowerBuilder 2017 platform.
  • In order to provide continued support for both 32 and 64-bit Windows operating systems, the new Trillium4 version of Core Trillium has been provided in 32-bit format.
  • You must use a 32-bit version of ODBC.
  • NOTE: CT 4.00.00 is not an update to your existing CT 3.xx.xx installation. It is a new and separate install. In fact, even though CT 4.00.00 works with Core Trillium 3.x products such as Interfaces, OnSIS, Ontario Reporting, et.,al., you must keep the two Core Trillium install folders separate. Click here to learn more.


Download v. 4.00.00 here


Release Notes 

ModuleDetailsTicket #
Technology UpgradeWe upgraded Core Trillium to the latest PowerBuilder 2017 version, from its previous v.11.5. 


Student birth dates can again be populated correctly from the calendar icon. We fixed the issue that required you to enter them manually in CT 3.17.00

StaffPreviously, when Board users updated Board Staff Name from the Update Board User via Find window, it wasn't updating these database fields: preferred_name_upper, legal_name_upper. We fixed this issue; it now updates names properly.136118
PreferenceWe added a new preference for JK/SK Achievement, Comment Font Size, in the Board Achievement Preference tab. This setting's for the KG Report Card layout only. The picklist displays values of 9, 10, 11 and 12 points. It defaults to 9.
SchedulingWith version 3.17.00, schools could successfully add an invalid course code through the Courses tab and identify it as a credit course (e.g. CHV2o instead of CHV2O).  This has been corrected. 137353, 138517
ReportsWe have fixed an issue so that inactive SPED records from previous years no longer display on the Special Education Reconciliation Report.135700
ReportsWe corrected Student Registration Verification Report's display header. Earlier, the summary box with student information was empty.

136597, 136656, 137171,137354


School names are no longer truncated on the Class list.


Reports The wrong school name no longer appears atop the Attendance Tally Report.98725


Continuing Education Registers / International Languages Elementary (ILE) Courses:

The report was modified to include ONLY Pupil of the Board (POB) student sessions and hours in the section's Hours of funded classroom instruction value. Previously, the Report considered the schedule of a class, determining that it planned  to meet xx sessions and hours. That information was being printed, instead of looking at the number of pupil sessions. The Total Enrolment still includes all pupils, both POB and Other Pupils, who enrolled in the course and attended the course sessions, as per Ministry requirements.

In the Course List for Grant Purposes Extract, pupil enrolment fields still include all students as before, but total pupil hours include the summary of only POB student hours. 

Report CardYour choice for the Print Draft of the Report Card by Default checkbox now saves properly. Earlier, it was not holding changes you made to that Preference setting.137914
SchedulingWhen adding a new Course Code to the school Courses catalogue, we again populate the eng_code field with the correct value, since other sections of Trillium code still rely on this information being available. Once you've installed this version, you no longer need to continue to run the temporary script we made available Dec.15, 2017.

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