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TWebEA: Update v.5.40.20

TWebEA 5.40.20 December, 2017


This version is compatible with Core Trillium 3.16.00 and higher

NOTE: You must have updated to TWebEA v.5.40.00 or newer before updating to this version

This release contains an enhancement to control Comment font size for Kindergarten Report Cards.


Advice on Comment Row Count Feature 

 To take full advantage of the comment row count feature, use only carriage returns when you want to create a new paragraph in your comment.  


Release Notes


Elementary Achievement

Student Comment

Report Card Entry

This version provides the ability for your Board to specify the font size to be used when printing comments on the Kindergarten Report Card. The choices are four font sizes: 9, 10, 11 or 12 point.

The data entry windows for Kindergarten Comments have been adjusted to use the specified font size when determining the available Comment space.

To take advantage of this new feature, you must also install TrillumReports 5.40.40. 

The font size is controlled by a new Board Achievement preference in Core Trillium. With version CT 4.00.00, the new preference will be visible. Until that version is released and installed, your Board may update the font size using the script below.  Boards can replace the highlighted font size value of 10 with 11 or 12, whichever meets their needs.

UPDATE PREFERENCES set value_numeric = 10 where preference_level = 'B' AND  preference_owner = 'BOARD' and preference_key = 'KGRCCOMMENTFONTSIZE';

Elementary Achievement

Printing KG report cards

Since the Board Preference setting for Comment size may be changed from one year or Report Period to another, we provided a secured way for a privileged user to request the Report Card be printed using a different font size. A new security task Override KG Comment Font Size provides this ability. When you have this security task, a new check box Override Font Size appears to the right of the Draft check box. When the new check box is selected, another prompt, Use Font, appears to the right, with a picklist of values 9 to 12. It defaults to the value set by the Board Preference Comment Font Size. Whichever value you select will be used when you print individual or class Report Cards.

When you clear the Override Font Size check box, the Use Font prompt becomes invisible, and the Board Preference Comment Font Size is used as the font size for printing KG Report Card Comments.

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