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StudentsAchieve: Update 6.7.20


StudentsAchieve 6.7.20. December, 2018

Version Compatibility

Trillium Clients need to be running Trillium Agent v. 2.91.00 or higher


Download these update packages, and the associated install instructions, to your StudentsAchieve web server(s):

  • SAS-   
  • UASWeb-

Release Notes



Class Sections

Assessment creation and deletion will now be tracked in the Audit Log.

File-based Integration

Cache will now be cleared when running a new integration. As a result, the data will always be a reflection of the most-recent export.


We increased the length of the Enter your Login Name textbox to 50 characters.

Student Analysis Reports

We modernized Class Section Summary Report to bring it in-line with our new User interface look and feel:

  • It uses updated print parameters for proper browser printing and PDF conversion;
  • We expanded report options for a diverse set of needs.

Learn more here.

Student Analysis Reports

We added color coding to the Calculation Conflict Report.

Touch Marks Entry

When something is saved in TME, it was sending multiple save requests for the same assessment, which causes problems. As a result, we added a save queue whenever TME saves.

Touch Marks Entry

You can now display Inactive Students.

Touch Marks Entry

Results for Deactivated assessments are now color-coded grey.

Touch Marks Entry

Show Trashed checkbox is now a Toggle switch.

Touch Marks Entry

We made these folder-management improvements:

  • Folder Name, and Weight fields now have labels when adding new folders;
  • The Weight field display now respects configuration setup;
  • Weight field no longer accepts decimal values.

Touch Marks Entry

Parent Portal Visibility dates will default based on Application Settings when creating a new assessment:

  • If the Application Setting is set to Now for the class, then the Parent Portal visibility dates will be set with tomorrow's date;
  • If the Application Setting is set to Never for the class, then the Parent Portal visibility dates will be set with Never.


UASWeb pages will now be AODA (Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act) compliant.



In the Summary email report after Integration is run, we've improved error handling when Report Period Start and End dates fall outside the term.


Student Contact updates where no changes were made during integration have been removed from the Audit Log.

Parent Portal

The Assessments display in the Learning Objectives page is now based on Publish Date.

Parent Portal

Assessment Comments will no longer be displayed when the Assessment Publish Date is set to a future date or “Never.”

Student Analysis

Assessments section will now retain its previous status as collapsed/not collapsed when switching between classes, students, aggregates or terms.

Student Analysis

When entering or clearing Professional Judgement, an error occurs intermittently. We’ve resolved that.

Touch Marks Entry

Users will no longer have to wait for the cell to be populated when entering numerical results into the next cell.

Touch Marks Entry

Cells will no longer be highlighted after the “fill-down” functionality has been performed.


We updated the French translation for all UASWeb pages.

If you wish to print these, consult your browser online help to learn how to scale pages to print on one page.

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