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Trillium Agent: Update v.2.91.00


Trillium Agent v.2.91.00 - May, 2018


Trillium Agent v.2.91.00 is compatible with:

  • Core Trillium v.4.00.00 and higher; 

  • Via Online Forms (OLR and Demographic Updater) 3.6 and newer
  • Via Platform 1.2.9 and newer;
  • TWebServices-Auth v.5.40.10.
  • TWebOLR v.1.71.00 and higher;
  • Class and Home v. 2.1.0 and newer;
  • StudentsAchieve v.6.6.20 and newer.

Refreshing Schema for Trillium Agent Word document

Software download is here

Release Notes

ModuleDetailsClient Ticket #JIRA

Demographic Updater

The Trillium Agent has been enhanced to provide all necessary information for Demographic Updater product

Trillium OLRThe Country Code returned from Country validation service is switched from the full name to the short name which is no longer than 16 letters. 
Directions on refreshing the Schema are on the Word document linked to above. 
140076, 140436

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