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TWebEA Update v.5.41.00


TWebEA 5.41.00   May, 2018


 This version is compatible with Core Trillium 4.00.00 and higher

NOTE: You must have updated to TWebEA 5.40.20 before updating to this version.

Release Notes


FunctionDetailsClient Ticket #
CommentsWe modified the calculation of rows available for Comment entry to provide a more accurate result for the available rows on the Report Card. (This change only applies to any comments entered or modified after this release has been installed). 
Note: The warning on the screen that XX lines of available space exceeded refers to the lines on the Report Card, rather than the lines on the screen; which might be slightly different.
136883, 136749, 136918, 136328, 139424
ReportsWe migrated the TWebEA reports to the newest version of Jasper Studio, 6.4.3.
SetupOracle 11G clients running patch 16 (13423278) encountered a SQL error when trying to open KG data-entry pages and determine the font size specified by the board to be used for the Comments. We fixed that.138454
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