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EAS: Subject Assignment by Student

This is the fourth tab in the Elementary Achievement Setup module and is designed to modify Subject Assignments on an individual student level.

  • It will typically be used to adjust the Subjects/Classes being taught to an exceptional student or adjust assigned Subjects for students in a combined Class.
  • You will also come to this page to copy individual student Subject Assignment modifications from one Report Period to the next Report Period.
  • This page consists of two accordion bars: Subject Assignment (the default) and Copy Student Assignment.


This page is controlled by EAS - Subjects Assignment to Student security task. Our application adheres to the "Update Flag" setting for the particular user when determining if fields are editable. The "All Students" flag must be set "On" or no updates will be allowed.

Subject Assignment by Student

This is the first accordion bar. You can view and modify Subjects' Assignment on an individual student level. The default page state allows changing the delivery mode and IEP for student Subjects and strands or deleting Subjects assigned to students. You can select multiple students to receive the new Assignments.

  • Click Find Students to locate the students you need to work with. Students can only be selected one class at a time.  
  • Click Add/Replace to add new Assignments for the selected students.
  • Click Delete to remove Subject Assignments from the students.  

Page Controls


Displays the Subject name


Displays the Subject's Grade Level


Displays the Subject's corresponding Report Period


Displays the Class Name to which the Subject is assigned

First Teacher

Displays the first Subject teacher for the corresponding Report Period.

Delivery Mode

  • Drop-down list populated with the Delivery Modes applicable to the specific Subject and Report Period
  • Editable
  • Once changed, the corresponding Override flag to the right of the field is set. 


Check mark indicating the delivery mode was changed for the student

Not editable


  • Checkbox
  • Editable
  • Once changed, the corresponding Override flag to the right of the field is set. 

(IEP) Override

  • Check mark indicating that the IEP mode was changed for the student
  • Not editable


  • Check mark indicating if the Subject is offered as a co-ed class
  • Not editable


  • Check mark indicating if the Subject has a blended learning component
  • Not editable

Native Language

  • Value identifying the native language being offered for the Native Language Subject only
  • Editable
  • Once changed, the corresponding Override flag to the right of the field is set. 

(Language) Override

  • Check mark indicating that the IEP mode was changed for the student
  • Not editable

Subject Details Popup


Displays the strand description

Delivery Mode

  • Drop-down list identifying the delivery mode that is valid for the student for this Subject
  • Populated with the Delivery Modes applicable to the specific Subject in the Report Period
  • Once changed, the corresponding Mode Override flag is set. 


  • Check box indicating if the student has an IEP for this Subject
  • Editable
  • Once changed the corresponding IEP Override flag is set.

 Select Alternate Subject

Select Class

  • Drop-down list of all classes in the school
  • Select the new class offering that the Subject is to be assigned to the students.

Select Subject

  • Drop-down list
  • Populated with all Subjects for the selected class
  • The first Subject is selected by default.
  • Optionally, you can specify a Subject in order to filter the results in the Subject grid.

Alternate Subject Grid
The Subject grid displays the Subjects that have been assigned to the selected class. The results are filtered if you have specified a Subject. You can use the checkboxes to identify the Subjects that should be assigned to the selected students. If the student has the same Subject and grade already assigned, the student's existing Subject will be replaced with the new Subject. If the student does not have the selected Subject, Trillium will add the Subject to the student's Subject Assignments.


  • Click Find to make our system perform a check for any unsaved changes. You will have to save or discard changes before new students can be selected
  • If no unsaved changes exist in the student Subject list, our system will display the Trillium Student Search dialogue page. The only search criterion of the page is the Class list.
  • The result list of this search would allow multiple student selection for the parent window.


Once students are selected in the pop-up and you click OK, the selected students appear in the student Subjects list.  


  • Click Save to save the modified Subjects and strands for each student.
  • The modified indicator for student Report Period gets updated.


Click Add/Replace to perform:

  • The collapsible area will roll open and the selection criteria needed to assign Subjects to the Class are available.
  • The Save, Add and Delete buttons get disabled.

Apply to Selected Students

Click Apply to Selected Student to perform:
The system adds the Subject in the selected Report Periods for the selected students if the student does not have them assigned yet. If the selected Subject and Report Period have already been assigned to a selected student, the system will replace the existing Subject with the new Subject.

  • The First Subject Teacher's gender is the same as the student's gender for the non-Co-Ed Health or Phys Ed Subjects in the selected Report Period.
  •  The Subjects to be replaced do not have marks or comments.

    The validation error will be displayed beside the control buttons. The "Add/Replace" area stays open in case of existing validation errors. 


The "Select Alternate Subject" area rolls closed


Click Delete to perform:

  • Validate whether any student Achievement records with a mark, comment, or modified delivery mode or IEP exist for the Subject. If yes - your are presented with the error message and the student Subject in error cannot be deleted, and remains selected. The NA Delivery Mode will be ignored during the validation.
  •  The selected rows with no errors are deleted. The selectors are reset for the rows that were deleted.
  •  If all student Subjects were deleted for a Report Period, the modified indicator will be removed for that student for that Report Period.  

Student Subject Details Button

  • Picture Button is visible for the Subjects that have strands in the Report Period
  • Clicking the button brings Subject Details pop-up win, which allows changing the Delivery Mode and IEP indicator for every strand. Once changed, it will be applied to the selected student Subject. The strand attributes will be persisted to the database upon saving the modified student Subject list.


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