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Via Forms (Online Registration) v.3.5.3


Via Online Forms - Online Registration 3.5.3March, 2018


This release addresses some important bug fixes and minor enhancements.


The following components and versions are required. This release involves the upgrade of multiple products:

  • VIA Platform v.1.2.7 or greater
  • TWebOLR v.1.70.10 or greater
  • Trillium Agent v.2.90.10
  • TWebServices-Auth v.5.40.10
 Release Notes  
AreaDetailsClient Ticket #
Data Deletion

Some boards requested the ability to delete data for non-attending (cancelled registrations) OLR students, due to privacy reasons. With this improvement, workflow transitions can now be configured to Delete all form field values including historical data. When a transition with this setting is invoked, all form data will be deleted from the database.

While the overall philosophy behind Via Forms is to never delete data, this feature is an exception. Be careful, because the data is deleted and the action is irreversible.

This feature could be used for "resetting" a form or if data needs to be purged for legal reasons.


Digital SignatureGuardians whose information was in the SIS had difficulty using the Digital Signature feature. We fixed that. 140301
MigrationSome schools had students display Pending, despite the fact the students had successfully migrated. We fixed this issue by writing new checks before transitions are made.139878
School Year fieldYou can now filter the School Year  field further into the future, so you bring up 2020-2021 and 2021-2022.
Text fields
  • You can now set a max. length for text area fields, and you'll know how many the field will hold, because we've added a label below this field, reminding you the length maximum is 240.
  • We've applied validation to both the default registration schema and DU schema.

Transition Email Notification

The Transition Email Notification feature allows the embedding of data, collected in the form, into notification emails. Earlier, data collected using single select fields (such as school name) could not be embedded, because the Code and not the Label was stored in the database.

You can now embed the label for single select fields.

For example, if you wish to include the school name, 
rather than using the key school[0], you would use school[0].label
The special label key makes it possible to show the label of any single select field.

Please note, however, that this data is set when the form field data is submitted. This means existing data will not work; only data entered after upgrading to this version will be available under this special key.

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