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Core Trillium: Update v.3.17.00


  Core Trillium v.3.17.00 - September 2017


NOTE: You must have upgraded to CT 3.16.00  before upgrading to this version

Release Notes 

ModuleAreaDetailsTicket #

Datamodel-changes scripts are enhanced. Previously:

  • when a schema change was included in a product release that a client had already applied;
  • then the same client applied a subsequent release of Core Trillium (in which we included the same schema change, because we have to ensure all clients receive the updated schema);
  • you got an error message.


  • The CT updater will not throw those error messages.
  • Instead, log files will indicate the schema has already been modified.
  • Thus, you have more accurate log files to validate your upgrade process.
  •  And, as always, if the schema changes have not been applied, the CT installer will apply them.

DatabaseDatabase ScriptsIn release CT 3.15.10 there was an optional script with triggers created for PERSON_ADDRESSES and PERSON_TELECOM. These triggers are no longer needed and they have been removed to reduce redundancy.
Elementary AchievementBuild JK/SK AchievementWhen Student Achievement records were generated already, then his/her grade level was changed, our application did not delete the records of the old grade and kept adding records for the new grade level. This caused issues when printing Report Cards. We fixed that.131650 131365
Elementary AchievementSubject Assignment by Student When deleting a subject for a student, you might get a pop-up message of You are about to delete mandatory subject. Are you sure? This happens for all JK/SK subjects, or Grade 1-6 subjects if Mandatory Gr. 1-6 is on or Grade 7-8 subjects if Mandatory Gr. 7-8 flag in the Subject Types validation table is on. If you clicked No our application still deleted the subject, which was wrong. We corrected that.124755    
Elementary AchievementOnSIS Teacher  & Assigned SubjectsOnSIS Teacher & Assigned Subjects now includes educators who have been linked to subjects via the new KG Teachers page in TWebSchAdmin's Elementary Achievement Setup.129470

Elementary Achievement

OnSIS Teacher  & Assigned Subjects

For JK/SK classes, we have created one subject entry in the assigned subjects window for each class, not one for each frame. A teacher linked to two frames for KG-A will show only one row in the assignment window and the class count will be 1.


PreferencesBoard AchievementIf you selected Show Old Style Report Card Page for Report Period B in 2016-2017,  then printed the JK/SK Report Card, you'd get '500 Error' errors. We added database scripts to prevent the errors.132181
PreferencesBoard AchievementWe added a check box, Print Draft of the Report Card by Default, to Preferences - Board Achievement tab, under TWebEA. Default value: Selected.
ReportDaily Attendance RecordIf a pupil is participating in the non-academic component of a Supervised Alternative Learning (SAL) program, their absence is now reported as G, instead of N.131452


Daily Attendance Record

Index Card (Long and Short)

We modified reports to display Designated School name for students in a CTCC facility.

ReportLiteracy & Numeracy RegistersClients will no longer experience an Arithmetic Overflow DB error when running the Literacy and Numeracy register. 133361
ReportsLiteracy & Numeracy RegistersThe Literacy and Numeracy Register was incorrectly showing the student's register in the reporting school rather than in their day school. We fixed that and now the day school register displays.133814


Summer School Registers

When generating summer school registers, the detailed ADE values were stored in the September-June field in the database, instead of the Summer field. This impacted OnSIS reporting. We fixed that.


ReportsCourse List for Grant Purposes ExtractWhen extracting ADE for summer school classes, Core Trillium again uses the Summer  field, instead of the Sept-June field.133821, 134748, 135009


Graduates and Potential Graduates

We fixed this report, so that students' SES flags again calculate correctly. 


ReportsMaster Schedule by TeacherIf there were two teachers with the exact same first name and surname, the Master Schedule by Teacher Report assigned all classes to only one of the teachers. We corrected that.125976
ReportsStudent Mailing LabelsWe fixed the labels to print a student's Priority One address, not their latest address.119599
ReportsStudent Registration Verification FormOn this Form, there should be three Student Contact phone fields, but our application only displayed two. We added the third phone field to all Contacts.118256, 109113
ReportsSecondary Report CardsWe fixed the condition where the Secondary Interim Report Cards were partially truncating the last line of the comment box, which indicated if a teacher interview was requested.129877
ReportsSecondary Report CardsWhen printing secondary Report Cards, the Student Address is now respecting the address-priority values.134389


Secondary Report Cards


Secondary Report Cards and Transcripts have been modified to display Designated School name, address, phone and fax for students in CTCC facilities.


ReportsTranscriptsThe Certificate of Accomplishment Transcript no longer prints the letters DIF under Percentage Grade instead of ALT132710


Copy to Next Year

We added a check box, Copy FSL to next year even if it has an end date prior to the last day of school. This field works when Same As This Year was chosen in FSL Instruction field. It indicates if FSL program is copied or not when the student’s FSL program is end dated for a date prior to the last attendance-taking day of the school year. By default, the check box is selected. 

This change brings our English version in alignment with the French version.


SchoolGroup MaintenanceWhen you tried to select a student to assign them into another Group, if the student's current Group membership was already quite numerous, our application couldn't select just that student. We fixed that.120133    



Under Reporting Teachers, the picklist of Achievement Teacher and Attendance Teacher no longer includes inactive teachers.




We updated the Course Code window to validate Courses against the five-character Course Code master tables. 

Scheduling Copy to Next YearIf a student is a CTCC student, the new fields identifying their CTCC school BSID and Designated School BSID will be copied to the Next Year enrolment record.
Secondary AchievementCompulsory Credit CalculationsOSSD will no longer be granted in the shared school, instead of the home school. 132434, 132749
StudentUpdate Student Via ListIf you got a student list from Find, then clicked the Jump menu, the Individual Attendance window was still available. Now, this menu item will be closed.107698


The Ministry has said that all labels currently displayed as Aboriginal  be changed to Indigenous for the 2017-2018 academic year. You'll see that change in our software wherever needed.

 Please note:

  • Validation Table > Aboriginal Identification becomes Indigenous Identification
  • Security Task > Aboriginal Identification becomes Indigenous Identification

StudentImport/Export Between BoardsWe added new fields supporting Section 23 information to Import/Export of awards and transcripts. 
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