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Continuing Education: Entry by Class - Teacher Contact

In Continuing Education, hover over Entry by Class, the second of six tab cards across the top of the module's display. Then click Teacher Contact.

1. Enter the date on which the contact session occurred into the Contact Date field.
2. Select the desired Class and, if applicable, Course Section, from the Class and Course –Section lists, respectively.
3. The students in the selected Course and Section are listed vertically on the left side of the page. To record that a student attended a contact session, select the checkbox for the applicable session. Continue to do this for all students in the selected Course and Section.

Note: Students who have dropped the Course are signified by a red "(D)" near their names in English or an (A) in French.

4. Click Save when you have finished recording contact session information for the selected Course and Section.

Note: Changing the values in the Contact Date field and session Attendance checkboxes automatically updates the corresponding fields on the Lesson-Based Courses > Lesson Completion page to reflect the changes.

Notes on Student Status and Transcript School

  • If a student is Pre-reg, entering any Mark for the student, or recording the student as having attended a contact session, changes the student’s status to Active. Plus, the arrival date of the student will be set to the Course Start Date and not the date on which the Mark or contact information was entered.
  • If a day-school student is marked Active via TWebCE, the Transcript School field on the Registration page of Core Trillium will be set to the name of the day school. If the student is registered at both a day school and a ConEd school, the Transcript School field will be set to the name of the ConEd school only under the following conditions:

- the Allow OSR transfer to Con. Ed. School preference has been set to indicate that OSRs can be transferred to ConEd schools; and

- a receiving school has indicated that it is requesting OSRs; and

- the student is not currently active or pre-registered at his current Transcript School.

  • If those conditions are not met, the Transcript School Code value will be updated only if it is currently blank. Any existing value will not be overwritten.

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