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SDAS Release Notes 5.31.00


SDAS v.5.31.00 - August, 2018


NOTE: You must have upgraded to SDAS 5.30.00 before upgrading to this version. Version 5.31.00 can ONLY be run in a Java 8 environment.

SDAS v.5.31.00 requires: 

  • Core Trillium  v.4.00.00 and newer;
  • Trillium Interfaces v.4.00.00 and newer;
  • TWebServices  v.5.40.10 and newer.
  • You must be running Java 8.


Download is here


Release Notes

ModuleAreaDetailsJIRA: Trill-

SDAS 5.31.00 is now certified with the latest Java 8.0.172 and Tomcat version v.5.8.31. Note: SDAS now supports only a Java 8 environment. More information, including a link to installation files, is  here.


Tomcat 8.5.31 allows the deployment of multiple versions of a web application with the same context path at the same time. These multiple versions can exist simultaneously. All end users will be gradually forwarded to the latest version without restarting the Tomcat service after upgrading web apps. As a result, boards will enjoy zero-downtime deployment.  Refer to our Tomcat Parallel Deployment Deployment Guide here.

ReportsTechnologyWe upgraded the reports within SDAS to the latest version of the Jasper reporting tool. 4407
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