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TWebEA Update v.


  • TWebEA - April 2019


  • This version is compatible with Core Trillium 4.11.00 and higher. 
  • You must be running TWebEA 5.42.10 before updating to this version.

Key Fixes 

  • For subjects that shared a comment box, the user was able to enter a comment that was too large to be successfully saved.  

Note: Ensure that font style Helvetica has been installed on the web server running TwebEA. This font is used when printing report cards, and comments may be truncated if another font is used in its place.


  • TWebEA Download is here. 

Release Notes

FunctionDetailsJIRA:Client ticket #
Comment EntryWhen entering comments for subjects that share a comment box on the report card (e.g. Arts, Physical Education & Health, History & Geography), the calculation of the available rows concatenated the comments with a single space between the subjects. However, when saving the comment, the calculation uses a carriage return between each comment. This discrepancy resulted in the user being able to enter a comment that was too large to be saved. The calculation has been adjusted to use the space in both scenarios, ensuring that the comment entered can be successfully saved.


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