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Student Maintenance: Register Transferred Students


This functionality is used when transferred students are being registered at your school from another school within your Board. For example: Yours is a secondary school and students from the local elementary school in Grade 8 might be transferred to your school as early as February to facilitate scheduling the following School Year. If some of these students do not end up attending your school (moving to a different Board area, etc.), their record will need to be sent back to the originating school.

A student who is transferred from his home school to his shared school, where his shared school becomes his new home school, will be automatically registered in the shared school, unless your board allows Multiple Schools mode. If your board allows Multiple Schools mode, then the receiving school must register the student using this screen.

During registration in one of the multiple schools, our software checks whether the school is the former student's shared school and if the registration occurs on the same day the share ends. If this is the case, the system tries to extend the Student Programs, Classes, FSL, Enrolment Minutes, Co-Op, Special Education, Native Programs, Remedial Programs and SALEP programs to the School Year End Date.

During the registration, you have to select an Enrolment Program, Track and FSL and can choose another Program, Track, or FSL, from the ones the student had been registered at during the previous Enrolment at the school as a Shared Student. If this is the case, the Program, Track, FSL, and dependent Class(es)' End Dates can not be restored during the registration. Special Education, Native Programs, Remedial Programs and SALEP programs however, do not depend on the School Program or Track and will always be restored.

A student can only be registered if they are not already active in another Home School on or after the selected Registration Date.

If Multiple Schools mode is used at your Board, if a student is already active or pre-registered in another Home School before the selected Registration Date, then they can only be pre-registered at the new Home School.

For Shared Students, the Registration Date must be equal or greater than the Home School Entry Date. If the student is pre-departed from the Home School, then he cannot be made active at any shared school.

If your Board does not allow shares to multiple schools, then for a student who is already active in another shared school, only a pre-registration will be permitted.

If your Board allows shares to multiple schools, then students can be actively registered at multiple shared schools with no restrictions.

For ConEd Registrations - Only students that do not have enrolment records, or those who are inactive at the time of registrations in the receiving ConEd school, can be registered. Students who are transferred, but are still active in the school will be displayed in purple. To register them, you have to demit those students first. During the registration process, the Courses requested by the sending school(s) will be applied to the Course Requests for the student(s).


  • This feature requires the "All Students" flag to be set ON and it adheres to the "Update Flag" setting for the particular user's role when determining if the functionality action buttons are visible.
  • If a user is assigned proper Security Tasks but have the All Students flag set OFF, then regardless of the Update Flag settings, the user will have Read-Only access to the page.
  • There are also board preferences that control access to some pieces of information used while registering a student.
  • Access to this tab is controlled by these Security Tasks: 

Full Name

Where Used

STUMNT - Transfer Student MenuSTUMNT - Controls access to Transfer Student menu option
STUMNT - RegStu - Transfer/Register StudentsSTUMNT - Controls access to Register Transferred Students, Register Shared students, Transfer within School Board, Send Students to ConEd, and Share within School Board.

Start Here

In TWebSchlAdmin, Click Student Maintenance. From the Landing Page, go here: Student > Student Maintenance > Register Student > Register Transferred Students. A message displays on the top of the page with the total number of students who were transferred, and not yet registered, to your school. Click the info icon to get a pop-up with the number of transferred, not yet registered students, grouped by year of transfer.

Register For ... Which Time Frame?

  • At top, left, select the School Year in which you will register the student. The field defaults to the current School Year.
  • Enter/select the first day of School for the students being registered. This field defaults to today’s date if you are sitting in the current school year. If today’s date is not a valid school day, it defaults to blank. For other School Years, it will default to the first day of that School Year.
  • Select the Track in which the student will register.

Note: This field is applicable only for ConEd Schools. Select the Semester and Term in which the student will be registered. The Effective Date defaults to the selected Semester and Term.

Register Default Values

 At top, right, this section is used to set some default values that could be applied to the selected students. 

  • Select the type of Register from the Register Code picklist;
  • Select the Code from the Entry Type picklist which best describes where the student was last enrolled;
  • Select the student’s Grade from the picklist;
  • Select the Program in which the student will be enrolled. This list of programs displayed is based on the selected Grade and Effective Date. It will be empty if the Grade is not selected yet and will be based on today’s date if the Effective Date is not specified. 

Note: This field will be available only if the current school has Grade 9 and up. Select from the list or type-in the year the student entered Grade 09. This field will default to the currently selected year. This field is not applicable for ConEd schools.

Student Search

In the middle of this form, the fields in this section will be used to filter the list of searched students. 

  • Select the School BSID to limit the student list to only the students that are transferred to the selected BSID. This field will default to your school-defined default value.

  • Under Previous School, select the school which the majority of students will be coming from, using the picklist. Only schools within your Board will appear. If a student is transferring from a school in another Board, they will have to be admitted, not transferred. To display a list of all students being transferred, leave this field blank.

  • Select a Language of Instruction to limit the student list to only the students who have the selected language as their previous Language of Instruction.

  • Student Name is used to find a particular student. Starting to type a student's name produces a list of transferred, and not yet registered, students to your school, for the selected BSID. Define the Previous School and Language of Instruction if you would like to refine the list of students displayed. This list may include students transferred at a previous year but never registered. For ConEd Schools: It's a list of students who are transferred' but not yet registered' to the selected school BSID this year.

  • Select Transferred to find students that were transferred, but not yet registered. This option is selected by default.

  • Select Transferred and Registered to find students that were transferred and registered in your school, in the year defined in the Register For section.

  • Click Find to produce a list of transferred students based on your defined search criteria.

Search Results

At the bottom of this form, this section displays the list of students meeting your search criteria. You will be able to register, unregister, or undo transfer for the selected student(s).

When Transferred is selected at the far right of the Student Search section, here are the details of the Search Results section:

  • A checkbox is used to allow you to select/deselect all rows on the current page or on all pages.

  • Student Name/Student Number displays the student's preferred name and the students' number. Click the "i" icon to the right of the student's name to see their gender and birth date.

  • Previous School/Shared Date displays student’s previous School and the date that student was Shared.

  • The Expiry Date is the day after the date the student cannot be registered. Usually it is the last day of the Semester. This field is only visible when the Shared option is selected.

  • Register identifies the type of Register used for registering the student. You cannot modify this. Part-time is the only option available when sharing a student.

  • Grade identifies the student’s Grade. You can modify this.

  • Track identifies the Track used for registering the student. You can modify this.

  • Program identifies the Program used for registering the student. You can modify this.

  • Entry Type identifies the type of entry required for registering the student. You can modify this.

  • Click Apply Values to Selected to apply the default values to the selected students.

  • Select the Second Language the student is involved in, or if the student is exempt from taking any FSL program, choose Exempted. This will allow you to distinguish between students who have not been assigned an FSL program, and those who do not require an FSL program.

  • Enter the number of minutes of French instruction (Core, Extended or Immersion) per day in the MOI field. The default value is set in the School Academic Preferences. If another value has been entered in the Second Language field or in the First MOI field:

    • Core Program must be within the range 20 to 59 minutes;;

    • Extended Program must be within the range of 60 to 149 minutes;

    • Immersion Program must be within the range of 150 to 300 minutes;

  • We display a warning message if you enter minutes outside of these parameters. This field is not required for Secondary students.

When Transferred and Registered is selected at the far right of the Student Search section, here are the details of the Search Results section:

  • A column for Enrolment Date is added to the grid. Program, Second Language and MOI columns are removed.
  • Click Apply Values to Selected to apply the default values from the Register Default Values section to the selected students.
  • Click Register to register the selected students in your school.
  • Click Unregister to unregister the selected students. This button is only applicable when the students are Transferred and registered in your school.
  • If the transferred students to your school did not arrive and you would like to cancel their transfer Click Undo Transfer to undo the selected students' transfer. This opportunity is only available for Transferred and not registered students.
  • Click Errors  to display and print any errors which occurred during the registration process.

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