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Ontario Reporting: Update v.4.05.20


Trillium Ontario Reporting v.4.05.20 - January 2022


This version is compatible with Core Trillium 4.15.00 and higher. 


Download Trillium Ontario Reporting v. 4.05.20 here.

Release Notes

AreaDetailsClient Ticket #JIRA

The EQAO Grade 3&6 extracts have been modified to meet the 2021-2022 EQAO requirements. A new field to report the student’s Learning Format will be populated from the student’s Attendance Mode field. Schools can also choose to exclude full time remote students from the extract.

EQAOThe error checking regarding valid combinations of accommodations has been adjusted to remove the inactivated accommodations of Coloured Paper, Large Print, and Large Print Coloured Paper.





When generating the EQAO Gr 10/OSSLT, both the html and excel versions of the log files now display the data included in the xml file.


The DateOfFTE field has been updated to report a value between 17 and 20 or #, to indicate the year the student was first eligible to write the OSSLT test.

EQAOThe error log file now reflects the student's correct school BSID.05830599TRILL-10348
EQAOWhen running the EQAO OSSLT student extract, a student’s learning format information is now calculated correctly when the school’s preference has indicated that this information will be specified at the student level.05832459TRILL-10350

When populating the student’s address information in the Panorama extract, any addresses including the Canada Post street type of SIDERD will now be reported as SRD.

EQAOThe OSSLT student 1B extract uses the 'Include courses ending between' date range to determine which students to include in the submission. Any student completing their ENG2/FRA2 course during that time or any previously eligible student who has not yet completed the literacy requirement will be included in the file. Deferred and exempted students will also be included in the submission.  Boards should remember to import the EQAO OSSLT student results file for the first 1A submission to ensure students who met the requirement earlier this school year will not be submitted again.

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