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TWebServices Update v.5.30.00


TWebServices 5.30.00 - October 2016



TWebServices are created by the SRB division of PowerSchool to facilitate the interoperability between the Trillium application and other third-party applications, such as Continuing Education, SDAS. TWebServices v.5.30.00 is compatible with Core Trillium v.3.15.10 and higher.

What's New 

SRB has improved the accessibility of this product so that you will only need to deploy one license for all Trillium Web products, including TWebServises and TAAWS (Authentication and Authorization web service). Before this release, web services used license keys that were inserted in the application context file. Starting with the 2016-2017 license key, if your school board is licensed for any of the products listed below, this key will also authenticate with them. For this reason, you must coordinate the use of the new key with the upgrade of this version of TWebServices.  

Also new with this version, a license key will no longer be required for eTMS solution. All clients will have access to this process. Click on the Transcript and Trillium Transcript services link for more details on how to configure this.

Note that this application does not include the web services to generate report cards.  Those are included as part of TWebEA, TWebSA and TWebSA-WS.

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