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Admin Attendance: Security


Access in Admin Attendance to the student's data and modification options are determined by the All Students and Update flags.

  • If a user has a role with the All Students flag selected, that user has access to all students within their school.

The Student Search panel in each page produces the list of students meeting search criteria without additional restrictions.

  • If the All Students flag is set Off  for all the user's roles, the Student Search will perform the search within the set of students the user has access to. (Our system keeps the list of available students for each user).
  • If the Update flag is not set to On, the user cannot modify or delete information on the Individual Attendance, Class/Group and Counsellor Contact pages even if he has the Delete Attendance task. The Save, Add and Delete buttons on the pages will be disabled. Editable controls will be transformed to non-editable as described in corresponding sections.

The selected Student's Photo, Name, Homeroom, Track, Grade, Age, Gender, Status, Student Number, OEN, and Absences and Lates are displayed. The student's photo can be in either jpeg or bitmap format.


Full Name 


Admin Attendance - Application Access

Enables Gateway menu item Admin Attendance, Access to ADMINATT through Trillium Landing Page and Via

Admin Attendance - Individual Attendance

Controls access to individual attendance module

Admin Attendance - Class/Group Attendance

Controls access to class/group attendance module

Admin Attendance - Admit Slips

Controls access to admit slips module

Admin Attendance - Calendar Profile

Controls access to calendar profile module

Admin Attendance - Counsellor Contact

Controls access to counsellor contact module

Admin Attendance - Validation Tables

Controls access to validation tables

Admin Attendance - Attendance Reasons

Controls access to reason validation table

Admin Attendance - Reason by Attendance

Controls access to reason by attendance validation table

WWW User Preferences

Controls the access to the User Preferences page

ADMINATT - Change School Year

Allows Change School Year in ADMINATT

Admin Attendance - Delete

Allows delete functionality in Admin Attendance screens

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