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TrilliumReports: Update v.5.40.50


TrilliumReports v.5.40.50 -  March 2018.


If you have not already done so, you must update to TrilliumReports v.5.40.50  prior to installation

Compatible with Core Trillium 3.17.00 and higher.  


Release Notes 

FunctionDetailsClient Ticket #
Ontario Student TranscriptModifications to font size and row spacing now allow 28 courses to fit on the page, as opposed to 24.  131236, 131722

Index Card reports

Both versions of Index Card (Long, Short), now display the student's Gender Code, as opposed to description. This is in preparation for the introduction of the two new gender codes. X, N.

Index Card reportsWhen a sibling's name was long, it was truncated and only the surname was displayed. We've enlarged the Sibling Name column.139724

Index Card: Short

The page count on this report was based on the total number of pages printed at one time. To avoid confusion when sharing a portion of the printed pages, we removed the field page n of n.  Note: The blank page at the end of the report is a known Jaspersoft issue.

Index Card: ShortThe School Name literally appeared as "null" for PreReg students. We corrected that, to display a blank, which aligns with Core Trillium.134006
KG Report CardsWe corrected the Jasper Reports connection issue which sometimes caused some clients to receive an Internal Server Error when printing KG Report Cards.137458
Report Cards

Even when a CTCC student’s designated school is identified as a bsid  that is attached to multiple school codes, that student now receives one Report Card, not multiples.

137147, 137648
Attendance Profile ReportTWebSchAdmin 5.40.20 Attendance Profile  Report: The As of/End Date field was previously, erroneously, labeled optional. When left blank, the Report didn't run correctly. It is now marked mandatory.131917

Do TrilliumReports Updates Delete My Current Reports in Jasper?   
Edit section

The process works like this:

  1. If a report with the same name (and location) exists in the database, it is replaced;

  2. If a report exists in the database and we do not include it in the Jasper export, it stays the way it is (this is what keeps Board reports unmodified);

  3. Any new object is added.

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