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Trillium OnSIS: Update v. 4.05.10


Trillium OnSIS v.4.05.10 - August 2020


This version is compatible with Core Trillium 4.13.00 and higher.

OnSIS Reminder

Do not use Excel to edit, modify or save your CSV files, as it changes the formatting and causes errors during the loading of these files. Use Notepad to edit, modify, or save those files.


Download OnSIS 4.05.10 here

Release Notes

FunctionDescriptionClient ticket #JIRA

Several summary section reports now display a single column for student counts, to align with the Ministry's modifications. The gender field has been removed from the corresponding verification reports for the same sections. The affected sections are:

  • Section J (Students receiving Special Education Programs and Services)
  • Section U (Number of Students Enrolled by Year of Entry Into Canada)
  • Section Course A (Courses for Grades 9 to 12)
  • Section Course B (Combined Classes for Grades 9 to 12)
  • Section Course C (Co-Operative Education Courses)
  • Section Course D (Special Education Courses)


Several summary and detailed verification reports now display additional columns for genders N and S to align with Ministry modifications. The affected sections are:

  • Section B (Enrolment by Grade and Gender)
  • Section D (Enrolment by Age and Gender)
  • Section T (Number of Graduates by Age, Gender and Diploma Type)

The Section E ( Number of Students Enrolled By Year of Entry Into Canada ) Detail report now provides a single count of students for an enrollment year, to align with Ministry modifications.
OnSIS Snapshot and Transmission

As per Ministry requirements, beginning with the 2019-2020 Summer submission the OTHER_COURSE_INFO section can now report the new value of '3' for 'Upgrading Credit Courses'. 

SnapshotsWhen creating Continuing Education snapshots, some schools encountered an error for the Grade designation field. This issue is now resolved.


OnSIS TransmissionWhen generating records for non-enrolled students, the STUDENT_MIN_NUMBER tag is no longer included.05060333TRILL-9521
OnSIS SnapshotShared students who have completed their diploma will no longer receive the error “Student has earned SHSM but not earned OSSD 1999” when generating a snapshot at the shared school. 05055672TRILL-9522

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