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TWebSchool: Update v.5.40.10


TWebSchool 5.40.10 - September, 2017

NOTE: You must update to TWebSchool v.5.40.00 before updating to this version



TWebSchool v.5.40.10 is compatible with Core Trillium v.3.16 and up. This release includes the following products:

  • TWebATT
  • TWebCE
  • TWebSA
  • TWebSTA

Release Notes 

ModuleAreaDetailsTicket number



The product has been updated with Struts 2 v.2.3.34 to address the vulnerability issue in the Apache Struts 2 web application framework which was announced in September. (see for further details).

You don't need to apply the emergency patch if you install this version. 

Continuing EducationIndependent Study RegisterMinor modifications were made to the column labels to align with the Ministry layout.TC-186
Continuing EducationIndependent Study RegisterWith some data scenarios, a user was unable to generate an Independent Study register for an e-learning class.  When the Build report button was pressed, the user was logged out of the application.  This has been corrected.

TC-244. 123408


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  1. Click Here and then on the 5.40.10 folder to download the following files needed for this release: 
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  • (This zip file contains the application files and the configuration file)

  • (This zip file contains web service used for generating Secondary Achievement report card. Only for clients that do not use TWebSA.)

  • TWebSchool: Update v.5.40.10.pdf (a .pdf of this document).

Note: There is no database update. We are changing our practice of including a database script that updates the application version in the system_parameters table for every product/release. When a release does not include a change at the database level, PowerSchool will no longer include a script package to update these values in the table.

 2. Click Here to download the file and click on the exec.bat file to launch the table update.

  • If upgrading multiple products at once, you don't have to repeat this step for every product.

  • If you get an error notifying that the application is not compatible with the database upon log-in, this likely means you have not run the table update.

3. Stop the Tomcat Service ([Start] > Settings > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services).

4. Go to  tomcat_home_folder/webapps/twebschool folder and delete all the files included in it.

 5.  Extract the file into the …/webapps/twebschool folder.

6. Extract the file into the …/webapps/twebsa_ws folder.

7. Start the Tomcat Service ([Start] > Settings > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services).

 Version Compatibility 

 Review the Compatibility Matrix & Supported Platform document before running the upgrade to ensure that there are no conflicts with your other licensed products.

If you wish to print these, consult your browser online help to learn how to scale pages to print on one page.

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