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Trillium Interfaces: Update v.4.03.00


Trillium Interfaces v.4.03.00 - April 2021


Windows 7 is no longer supported by Trillium or Microsoft,  and patches or security updates are no longer offered for this operating system.  Without security updates, PowerBuilder applications running on Windows 7 are at risk of security vulnerabilities.  We strongly recommend upgrading to a newer version of the operating system.


Trillium Interfaces v.4.03.00 is compatible with Core Trillium 4.14.00 and higher


Download Interfaces 4.03.00 application here.

Release Notes

ModuleDetailsClient Ticket #JIRA:
Student Education PathThe Export Student Education Path process for MyBluePrint has been updated to handle the large volumes of Staff data associated with the advent of large virtual schools due to the pandemic.  The process will no longer terminate prematurely when exporting data from these schools.05277435TRILL-9793
Student ImportThe student import layout has been updated to include the new gender_identity_code value.  The new field will occur after the Arrival_date_in_province field of the STU_BIOG record with up to 50 characters and is optional. The field will expect either a gender identity code value or text value, depending on the Board Preferences for the presentation of the gender identity field.





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