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Student Maintenance: Board Student Search


The Board Student Search page consists of a search criteria section and search results. The search criteria appears by default.

The Board Student Search provides the following functionality:

  • Search for and locate a specific student across any school in the board
  • View the enrollment history of a specific student
  • Jump to a specific school/year for viewing detailed information
  • Create the electronic transcript file for submission to OCAS

The search returns the best results when you use precise search criteria. For example, enter a student number, OEN, or ministry number to improve the search results to locate a specific student. Using more precise search criteria helps to avoid errors that can occur when there is too much data to display when a broader search is initiated.

The search criteria is case sensitive. Students will not appear in the results if their name is misspelled or if any incorrect information is entered. 


Access to the Board Student Search page is determined by the security task STUMNT - Board Student Search.

  • Access to student data is determined by the All Students flag.
  • Users with a role configured to have the All Students flag set to On have access to all students within the given school. 
  • If the All Students flag is set to Off for all user's roles, the Board Student Search performs the search within the set of students the user has access to.
  • Sheltered students will appear in this search. However their transcript school, school code, and short name will appear as 'XXXXX.'
    • The Display Sheltered Students security task is available, allowing users to see the encrypted information.
  • The ability to Generate Student eTMS XML files is available to users with access to the student at the student's transcript school. 

Search Results

The search results displays specific information for the student. 

Click the i

 button to open a pop-up window containing detailed information on the student's previous enrollments. Click the Select button to open the full student demographics record for the specified school and year.

Click the e 

 button to generate and export the student eTMS XML file. This button is only available if the user has access to the transcript school for this student.

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