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Preferences: Attendance

Certain Attendance Preferences for your school are set here: Core Trillium > School Setup > Preferences > School Academic.

Atop the second column, the Attendance section of the School preferences page has these sub-sections:

 Attendance Alerts
 Attendance Rollup

Attendance Alerts

Attendance Alerts sub-section allows the school to set its Preferences for the Attendance Alerts calculations, beginning with the question of whether Alerts should be On or Off. At right, there are three levels of alerts generated after a certain number of missed days or classes.When Alerts are turned on, all the controls are enabled, and you can modify the Preferences, as well as delete or recalculate the alerts. 

Alert Type
You select the type of alert you would like to track: Classes or Days.

Calculate Attendance Alerts Each Semester
For semester schools, some schools don't like to show alerts for the previous semester. "Calculate attendance alerts each semester" will mean the calculation of Absent days from the Start Date of current semester, instead of Start Date of the School Year.

Alert Criteria

At right, select the number of Absent Days or Classes you'll require before students receive Warning 1, Warning 2, and Warning 3. 

Attendance Rollup

Mid-Day time.

This option is provided for schools that have unusual start and end times for the school day. For example, a school might need to start at 7:30 and run until 12:30 because another school needs to use its building. For this reason, a school preference allows setting the noon time to be somewhere between 7:30 and 12:30.The rollup procedure will use this value for converting Period Attendance records into AM and PM records.

 Perform Automatic Rollup

Tells our system to automatically conference Period Attendance records into Daily Attendance records.

... Just in case you've checked everything....
The reason you still may not be seeing Attendance records generated could be one of the following;

  •  inactive student;
  •  it's not an Attendance-taking day;
  •  no class for the Period
  •  sign in or sign out time is outside of the school day
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