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Via Forms (OnLine Registration) v.3.8.20


Via Online Forms Online Registration 3.8.20 - March 2020


These components and versions are required. This version involves updating various products:

  • Core Trillium v.4.13.00
  • VIA Platform v.1.4.00
  • TWebOLR v.1.73.20
  • Trillium Agent v.2.93.10
  • TWebServices-Auth v.5.42.00


Download Via Forms 3.8.20 here.

Release Notes

AreaDetailsClient Ticket #JIRA
Data Entry

Via Forms has been updated to support the new gender identity values when registering a student.

SubmissionsThe Online Submission Report (PDF) displayed the date and time in the GMT timezone. We have fixed this issue and date/time information is shown in the local timezone.04868120TRILL-9144
Data EntryIn some instances, an exception occurred after populating form fields and reloading the page.  This issue is resolved.

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