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Ontario Reporting: Update v.4.04.10


Trillium Ontario Reporting v.4.04.10 - October 2020


Windows 7 is no longer supported by Trillium or Microsoft,  and patches or security updates are no longer offered for this operating system.  Without security updates, PowerBuilder applications running on Windows 7 are at risk of security vulnerabilities.  We strongly recommend upgrading to a newer version of the operating system.


This version is compatible with Core Trillium 4.14.00.


Download Trillium Ontario Reporting v. 4.04.10 here.

Release Notes

Several changes in this release are to be used when preparing EQAO's Grade 9 Student data collection files.  Please refer to the PowerSchool Community article for a document with additional details.

AreaDetailsClient Ticket #JIRA
EQAOA new prompt 'Include courses ending between' enables the schools to identify a date range for selecting the Grade 9 Math courses that are to be reported to EQAO for Grade 9 Math assessments. Only students taking Math courses ending during this date range will be included in the file. This field is only enabled for Grade 9 Math assessments.
EQAOIn the Grade 9 Math extract, the student's program value will be determined by how the course is delivered to the student and the level of difficulty (academic or applied) of the course. The new preference 'Gr. 9 Math Delivery’ is used to identify the level at which the delivery mode is specified. Note that if the course's course type is elearning, the student's Program will be reported as 'Remote learning' regardless of any other settings.
EQAOA new prompt 'Courses offered in' is used to determine the appropriate MathClassWhen field to be reported for students in the Grade 9 Math assessment. This field is only enabled for Grade 9 Math assessments. If schools within the district need to have different values reported, the district will need to create multiple files to ensure that all schools generated in one file share this same value.
EQAOEQAO has indicated that the first Grade 9 Math Assessment transmission should not include students who are taking the course online. Boards should ensure that they do not include virtual schools in the list of selected schools when generating the file. A new prompt 'Include FT Remote Learners' has been added to the EQAO Student Extract. When unchecked, any student who has a calculated Program value of '3' (Applied (Full-time remote learning)) or '4' (Academic (Full-time remote learning)) or course type is ElernLMS or Elearn will be excluded from the Grade 9 Math extract file.
EQAOA new prompt 'Transmission Number' appears for the Grade 9 Math assessment. EQAO requires a transmission value to be incorporated into the file name that indicates which submission this file represents. The values are 9A through 9G, representing the 7 possible submissions for this school year. The value selected by the user will be incorporated into the name of the extract file.

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