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Admin Attendance: Admit Slips History


In Admin Attendance, you have a Student open; you've clicked Admit Slips from the menu bar and then clicked the second accordion bar, Admin Slip History. This opens a grid with information about printed slips and the Reprint button. The button is activated for the current date's slips only. 
The Admit Slip History of the student for the current school year displays, sorted by date in descending order. The total values beneath the grid duplicate the values in the Slip Info section. When the Reprint button is clicked, the corresponding Admit Slip will be printed with the word REPRINTED replacing the word ORIGINAL on the Admit Slip.

Admit Slip

The following values are displayed in the Admit Slip:

  1. The School Name;
  2. Slip Type as selected in the Action picklist;
  3. The Date;
  4. The Reason as selected in the Reasonpicklist;
  5. The student's Preferred Surname and First Name;
  6. Student Number
  7. The Homeroom at the time the admit slip is being generated
  8. The Comment entered in the Comment box of the page  
    • The REPRINTED label will appear if the slip has been printed by clicking a Reprint button in the History section. Otherwise ORIGINAL will be printed.
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