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Core Trillium Update


Core Trillium v. - March 2021


Core Trillium download is here.

Release Notes

AreaDetailsClient Ticket #JIRA
Enrolment Registers (Quad/Octomesters)Students who re-enrolled in the school after Quad 1 were appearing with duplicated entries on the enrolment registers for Secondary Quad/Octomester schools. This has been corrected.

Demit/NoShow Student

Transfer Student

The Demit/NoShow and Transfer Student functions now update the new quad/octomester audit table (used for FT/PT minute calculations and enrolment registers) when processing a student.05491791TRILL-10015

FT/PT Minute Calcs

Recalculating FT/PT minutes for students who had left the school did not remove old records from the Quad/Octomester auditing table. This resulted in minutes that had been generated for future quads/octomesters still appearing on the enrolment register. This has been corrected. Schools will need to recalculate the FT/PT minutes for their school to see the corrected minutes.
FT/PT Minute CalcsA business rule within the FT/PT minute calculations set a student's minutes of instruction and FTE to zero when all classes were taken at a shared school.  This rule has been rescinded for school years 2020-2021 onward.
FT/PT Minute CalcsThe FTE calculation process has been updated to accommodate schools with more than 9 cycle days.05478104TRILL-10039

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