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Continuing Education: Teacher Contact


Either through the TWebSchool Landing Page or by a saved link, you're in the Continuing Education portion of Trillium Web; TWebCE. As shown below, you've gone here: Lesson Based Courses > Teacher Contact.

Teacher Contact

This page is used to record the teacher contact sessions for the student's selected Course and Course Section. This information is required for Courses that will appear on the Independent Study register. This screen is also available if the board or teacher wishes to track teacher contact information for other Courses.

  • Perform Student Search, on the left, to display on the right the student you need to edit. 
  • Basic pieces of their information will display, view-only, at the top. The middle display, also view-only, verifies the course and pupil category.
  • Click Session Lookup to open a pop-up window of the same name and enter the duration and date of the teacher contact session.
    • The pop-up defaults to 10 Sessions. If you need a different number, enter that to the left of "Apply," then Click Apply.
    • Click Done when you have the intended information entered.
  • You can enter a Comment for any session from the main window. Click Edit at the right end of the appropriate row.

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