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EAS: Delete Achievement

This is the fourth and final accordion bar when you select Build Elementary Achievement - Board.
This form allows Board personnel to delete Achievement records erroneously generated at schools. Our system will search for the existence of Subject Marks and Comments, Learning Skills Marks and Comments and display them to you.

Initial State

  • The same schools that were selected in the previous Board Report Periods section will be displayed in the School drop-down list; plus an empty value, which is the default.
  • The Report Periods list to the right contains the list of Periods defined in the Board Report Periods section. "P" is the default value.
  • Once you select a school and Report Period, TWebEA will check to see if any pertinent data exists for the school, and displays the results on the screen. You can then decide whether to Click Delete to delete all Achievement records for that school and that Report Period.

Page Controls


A drop-down list with the Elementary Schools to which you have access.

Report Period

A drop-down list containing all three Report Periods


Displays a list of messages with the summary of student Achievements found for this School and Report Period.

Command Buttons


Deletes the Achievement records for this School and Report Period

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