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Elementary Achievement Setup (EAS)

The Elementary Achievement Setup module allows you to define parameters controlling Elementary students' achivement recording and reporting. Usually at the Board level, but sometimes at the School level.


  • Identifies the various dates required to define your schools' Report Periods. You can define this information at the Board level, and then push it out to your schools. At the Board level, you can decide to allow some or all, of the dates to be updated by the individual schools.
  • Allows for reassignment of Subjects at the student level, in order to handle the unique situations that may be applicable to some students.
  • Generates Achievement records for the student, which will be required before teachers can enter Marks and Comments using TwebEA, as well as calculating Attendance and median totals for each Report Period.
  • Your schools can use the text boxes on the Progress Report Card Message page to relay messages to the parent community for each Report Period.
  • The Subject Matrix displays all Classes for all Grades; and the First and/or Second Teachers assigned to Achievement for each Subject within a selected Report Period. If a teacher has not been assigned to Achievement for a Subject, the cell in the matrix is blank. None of this information can be edited, but you can select the column headings to sort the information to match your needs.
  • The Subject to Classes page allows you to specify the Subjects being taught in each class within the school. It includes the teacher who will teach the subject, as well their delivery mode. 
  • FYI: JK/SK Achievement setup is not included in this module.

Changing a Subject's First or Second Teacher for one Report Period is straight-forward:

  1. Go to the Class Subjects page, select the Class offering the Subject. Use the Search icon beside the First or Second Teacher field to display which Teacher is assigned for the Subject for each Report Period.
  2. Use the drop-down list to change the current Teacher.

You can quickly replace many or all of a Teacher's Subject assignments with another Teacher. Use the Update Teacher Assignments section on the Class Subjects page to update Teacher assignments.

In Case You Missed It

In order to successfully print official Report Cards from Core Trillium, your school must have calculated student Attendance totals after the specified Calculate Atd After Date.


EAS - Application Access

EAS – control access to the Elementary Achievement

EAS - Board Report Periods ( 1-8)

EAS - Elementary Achievement - Board Report Periods

EAS - Map Report Periods for OnSIS Board

EAS - OnSIS Mapping on the Board tab.

EAS - Elementary Achievement Build

EAS - School Report Periods and Build Achievement 

EAS - Map Report Periods for OnSIS (School level)

EAS -Controls access to the OnSIS Mapping fields on the School tab.

EAS - Subjects to Class

EAS - Subjects Assigned to Class.

EAS - Subject Assignment By Student

EAS - Subject Assignment By Student

EAS - Change School Year

Allows to Change School Year in EAS

The pages of the EAS module are intended to be accessed by administration level staff, rather than individual teachers. As a result, when assigning the security tasks for the various pages of the EAS module, the All Students flag should be set on for those staff that will be modifying the information on the pages. Users who are assigned the security task without 'All Students' flagged will only be able to read, not edit, the pages.

The six main pages are:

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