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TWebSE: Update v.5.30.20


TWebSE 5.30.20,  December, 2017


This release contains fixes and new features for Trillium Web SE (Special Education). TWebSE 5.30.20 is compatible with Core Trillium 3.16.00, 3.17.00 and newer.

NOTE: You must update to TWebSE v.5.30.00 before updating to this version.


Release Notes

AreaFunctionDetailsClient Ticket #
ReportsIEP Report, Alternative Report CardUsers working with older releases of this product (version 5.30.00 and below) might have problems printing IEP reports and alternative Report Cards for 2017-2018 and future school years. Only 5.30.10 and higher versions should be used in the current school year.136016, 126314
ReportsIEP ReportIEP Report now displays only active (valid on the current date) exceptionalities, placement and programs. The exceptionalities/placements/programs with end dates in the past are not included in the Report.
134848, 136629, 135179 
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