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Student Maintenance: Programs and Classes


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TWebSchAdmin 5.40.20 and newer. 

  • The Programs and Classes form is used to maintain information on the classes and programs in which a student is registered within a particular school. This also provides an alternate means of viewing an individual student’s Program. 
  • Student Maintenance: Programs & Classes - Other Board Courses, an accordion bar under the Programs and Classes menu option, is used to enter and edit program information on a single student. 

From Student Maintenance, Hover over Maintain Student, then Click Programs and Classes.

Begin by Searching   
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When you Click Programs and Classes, you already have a student open or you need to search for one.

To perform a simple search: Entering even one letter of the Student's Surname and Clicking Search is enough to initiate the Search, but the more info you fill into the Search Window, the more refined your Search will be. The less refined your Search is, the more likely your return will be: "Too many rows returned, please narrow your search by defining additional criteria."

To perform an advanced search, you must Click Advanced and then fill in as many filters as you care to, in order to refine your search.

Fields You'll Find on the Programs and Classes form 

 When the results fill in, Click the name of the student you want. You'll be taken to their Programs and Classes Form. 

Programs Table



The checkboxes are visible if you have update privileges.


Displays the school program(s) in which this student is registered for the current school year.

  • To assign a new program, Click Add, then select the Program from the picklist.
  • A student can be in the same Program more than once within a School Year, but the dates cannot overlap.
  • Programs can be added whenever applicable during the School Year.
  • This is a mandatory field.

% Time

Enter the percentage of time which represents the Full Time Equivalent value for this program. This value cannot be greater than 100. 

  •  If a student has been assigned to the wrong program, and it cannot be deleted, set the % Time to zero. The correct program can then be added for the appropriate date range. 
  • Trillium no longer validates that the total percentage of time does not exceed 100% for any given day. 
  • This is a mandatory field.

Start Date

Displays The Program Start Date. 

  • This is a mandatory field.

End Date

The Program End Date displays.

  • If the program has Class assignments, the End Date cannot be changed to a date that occurs before the End Date of the Class assignments on file.
  • Specifying an End Date inactivates Programs and Classes. By entering an End Date, you are making the Program and/or Class unavailable as of this date.
    • To inactivate a Program, enter the Program End Date. This End Date also applies to the Classes within the Program.
    • To inactivate a Class, enter the Class End Date. Class ending dates can occur on or before the Program's ending date, but not later. If there is no Program End Date specified, Classes can be inactivated on any date after the Class Start Date.

International Language

If, on the Program's validation table, the Program has been identified as involving international languages, the International Language field on this form will provide a picklist for language selection. If an International Language Program is selected, the Language must also be specified. This is a mandatory field when the Program is an international languages Program.

Classes Table

Effective Date

Select the Effective Date for the Class display, controlling which Classes, if any, display. The display shows only Classes this student is enrolled in, on the Effective Date.

  • When a Student opens, the Effective Date defaults to today;
  • Changing Effective Date to any Date during the School Year displays only classes this Student is enrolled in on that Date;
  • Blanking out the Effective Date displays the entire School Year's Classes for this student.


The checkboxes are visible if you have update privileges.


Displays the Class CodeThis is a mandatory field.


Displays the Program the Class and Student are linked to.

  • When adding a Class, you must add the Program of that Class by choosing from the picklist in the Program Column; this is a change from Core Trillium;
  • If a student has the same Program more than once in the picklist, make sure you choose the proper listing. This choice influences start/end dates.

Start Date

Displays the date on which the Class begins for this student. The default is the first day of the current school year, the Start Date of the Class according to the master schedule, or the first day the student registered at the school. This is a mandatory field.

Note:  If you override the default Date, your entry must occur within:

    • the Start and End dates of the program to which the Class belongs
    • the Start and End dates of the Class, according to the master schedule
    • the enrolment and departure dates of the student within the school year.

End Date

Displays the End Date of the Class. This is a mandatory field.

Note: This entry must occur within:

    • The Start and End Dates of the Program to which the Class belongs
    • The Start and End Dates of the Class, according to the master schedule
    • The Enrolment and Departure dates of the Student within the School Year.

The End Date affects Attendance if, in Core Trillium, you've engaged this Preference: Delete Future Attendance for Dropped Courses.

    • If the End Date of a student's Class is changed, that student's Attendance for days after the new End Date is removed;
    • When a student's Class is deleted, the corresponding Attendance records will be deleted.




 Displays the teacher's name, as established in Scheduling.

Course Code

Displays the Course Code and Section number, if this Class is linked to one. This is a mandatory field.

Demit Indicator

The Demit indicator text will be available for editing if the school preference Allow Modifying Course/Section in class is set on, and you have update privileges.  

The values in the picklist are:

0 - Underway/Completed

2 - Withdrawn/Full Disclosure

5 - Dropped with Achievement

9 - Dropped without Achievement

  Command Buttons


Saves all new and modified data to your database.


Adds an empty row to the Programs and Classes for Program table if you have update privileges. 


Deletes the selected row from the Programs and Classes for Program table if you have update privileges.

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