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Trillium Interfaces: Update v.4.02.00


 Trillium Interfaces v.4.02.00 - May 2019


Trillium Interfaces v.4.02.00 is compatible with Core Trillium 4.12.00 and higher


Download Interfaces 4.02.00 application here.

Release Notes

ModuleDetailsClient Ticket #JIRA:
Elementary Grade Book ImportGrades 1-8 Subject and Learning Skills comments were not being imported through the Elementary Grade Book Import as expected.  Subject and Learning Skills comments will now import based on the "Ignore All Comments" check box setting. 




Transportation ExportWhen a user has indicated that preregistered students are to be included in the transportation extract, any student who is preregistered with an expected entry date on or after the Effective date, is now included in the extract file. This ensures that students can be safely transported to and from school on their first day.


Student Education PathThe Student Education Path export now exports the new SHSM information for Oracle clients.04476186


SecuritySpecial characters in password cause LDAP login to fail. The issue has been corrected.

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