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Staff Maintenance: Personal


  • Includes:
    • Basic Demographic information: Legal and Preferred names, 
    • Personal information including: title, gender and birthdate, 
    • Identification information including: Staff Number, MEN, Oct Number and Reference Number, Notes and Person ID.
  • This bar is controlled by a separate security task. You must be assign this task in order to have access to this bar.
  • The personal bar adheres to the "Update Flag" setting of the security task controlling this bar. You must have this flag set ON to be able to save changes on this bar.
  • Fields on this page are controlled by board preferences, the board might limit your update capabilities to only update preferred names.
  • The MEN field is also controlled by two tasks. Based on your permissions, you might be able to only enter new MEN, to only modify existing MEN or to have full or no access to the field.
  • Person ID field is controlled by its own Security Task. It is only visible if you have been assigned this task.

Click Save to save your changes.


This bar gives you select information about the selected staff and is read-only.

For elementary teachers, you'll see information about the Classes assigned to the teacher as a Term teacher, the subjects the teacher is teaching, and a list of staff groups to which the selected teacher is assigned.
For secondary teachers, you'll see only the Classes and the staff groups assigned to the teacher.

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