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Staff Maintenance

Maintain Staff

You've hovered over School from the five-item menu at the top of the Landing Page, then chosen Staff Maintenance. That defaults to Maintain Staff, housing functionality used to maintain a school's and/or board's staff records. This includes personal information, school assignments, board assignments, addresses, phones and emails. The Maintain Staff page has also a "Spotlights" feature, which will give you some information on the selected staff.


The Staff Maintenance module is where the maintenance of school and board staff occurs. School staff are staff with school assignments, board staff are staff with board assignments.

  • Both are physical persons in Trillium and are assigned a unique ID. 
  • Both can be given privileges to access Trillium and perform the different functionalities. 
  • Board staff cannot be assigned classes in a school unless they have a school assignment in that school. 
  • The school staff assignments expire by the end of the school year and should be created every year if applicable, but the board staff assignments are created once and will not expire until you inactivate it using the status field on the assignment record. 

Through this module you will be able to add staff, modify their information, and assign them to school and/or boards based on their assignments. You can add new school staff members with a complete profile. This includes whether they are full-time or part-time, teaching or non-teaching, and their current status. When this is complete, you can assign teachers to specific Classes.

Further on, this will also enable you to assign staff to extra-curricular activities. This module will also include staff group maintenance to be able to create staff groups and assign staff to those groups

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