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Admin Attendance: Bus Manifest Exemptions

The Bus Manifest Exemptions page is used to maintain information about student's availability for transportation. Students included in the list on this screen will not be included in the Bus Manifest report as they will use alternative means of transportation on that day. The report is used for verifications by staff responsible for busing the student home.


Admin Attendance - Bus Manifest Exemptions

Allows the user access to the menu option


When the page opens, today's date is defaulted and the list of students who are exempt from the Bus Manifest is selected. Any other date can be selected and the list will change to represent the students on that date. The Date field is mandatory.
Clicking Find displays all students in the Search Result list who are excluded from the Bus Manifest on the date entered in the Date field.
Clicking Add produces the Student Search pop-up to allow adding new students to the exempt list. The application completes the Student Name, OEN, Student Number and Homeroom fields as well as any Comment that may exist. The Comment field is editable.

Note: The list includes only students with a status of Active on the selected date.

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