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TWebOLR Update v.1.72.00


TWebOLR 1.72.00 December, 2018


  • Core Trillium v. CT 4.00.00 and higher
  • Trillium Agent v. 2.92.00
  • Via Online Forms (OLR and Demographic Updater) 3.7.0
  • Via Platform 1.3.0
  • TWebServices-Auth v.5.41.00

Important Note

If you have any outstanding forms, you must process them before deploying TWebOLR 1.72.0.

Hotfix 1

Some clients were unable to migrate when the Student's Phone Number was not populated. Now, the Student's Phone Number is no longer mandatory when migrating.


Download is here.

Release Notes

FunctionalityDetailsTicket NumberTRILL-
GeneralThis application has been updated with the latest version of Struts 2 file commons-fileupload-1.3.3.jar, as recommended by the Apache Struts 2 team.
Demographic Updater addressesThe previous version of Demographic Updater did not support the history of address changes for a student or contact. Now, when an address is changed, our application sets an End Date for the previous address, without deleting it
Migrate StudentsWhen using the Migrate Students function, the "Student Registration Session has Expired. Null." error message appears when selecting the Entry code. We fixed this. 037243245217

Online Registration/Register drop-down

When the Full-Time Register is available for a school, the value in the Register drop-down, now, is Full-Time, as it is in Core Trillium. It formerly defaulted to International Languages (Elem.)03574995,  03585031, 035998603322
Online RegistrationAn Expiry Date is no longer mandatory for students arriving in Canada. But if you provide one, it must fall on or after the student's Ontario Arrival Date. 



Online Registration

The TWebOLR registration process wrote empty strings to the CTCC BSID and Designated School BSID fields of the Student Enrolments table. This caused the Kindergarten Report Cards to print blank pages. We fixed this issue and provided a script to correct these fields in the main upgrade package of CT 4.11.00. You can include this check in your database monitoring, or run it prior to upgrading to CT 4.11.00. The script is:

UPDATE student_enrolments SET DBSID = NULL WHERE DBSID = ' ' or DBSID=‘’;
UPDATE student_enrolments SET CBSID = NULL WHERE CBSID = ' ' or CBSID=‘’;**

Migrate StudentsSome clients were unable to migrate when the Student's Phone Number was not populated. We fixed that and the Student's Phone Number is no longer mandatory when migrating.043095386705

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