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Staff Maintenance: School and Board Assignments

School Assignments

This bar is used to assign staff to one or more schools in the selected year. Full Time Equivalency (FTE) values can be specified, however Total FTE for all school assignments cannot be greater than 1.0.

Note: Coned schools are not included in the FTE calculations.

 Assignments list

  •  This is the list of school assignments for the selected staff in the selected year.
  •  Click Add to add new assignment(s)
  •  Click Delete to delete the selected assignment(s).
  •  Use the radio button to select an assignment and see its details in the Assignment Detail section.

 Assignment Details

  •  This section displays the details of the selected assignment, including instructional time information and the list of departments where this staff person will teach courses
  •  Click Save to save your changes

Section Controls


Name of the school assigned to the selected staff.


BSID(s) for the selected school will be displayed in the list. Select the one this assignment belongs to.

Staff Type

The position of the staff in the school. Staff types are defined in the Staff Types Validation table.


Full Time Equivalent value for this person in this assignment. The total of FTE for a given point in time cannot be greater than 1.0. This value is for informational and OnSIS Reporting s only.

Note: As mentioned above, assignments in coned schools will not be included in the calculation of the total FTE.


Select this box to indicate that this staff is the principal in the school, or acting as the principal.


This flag must be enabled in order for staff to be assigned to classes and used for scheduling. As well, any staff that will be assigned to teacher duties in the Scheduling: Teacher Assigned Duties screen should have the Teacher flag enabled

Start Date

Start Date for the position defaults to the first day of the school year.

End Date

End Date for the position defaults to the last day of the school year.

System Access Start Date

This date gives you access to eTrillium for a date prior to the original Start Date of the assignment.

Extended End Date

This date gives you access privileges to eTrillium for a date after the original End Date of the assignment.

Department Head

Mandatory for any Staff Type that is mapped to the OnSIS position type of Department Head. The list is of departments is the Ministry's list of acceptable departments, not the departments that your school may have defined. Your school should select the best match for reporting purposes.

Instructional Time

Indicates whether this assignment is Teaching, Non-Teaching or Both. 
Click Edit to select the Non-Teaching instructional time. This button is only available when either the Non-Teaching or Both option is selected.

School Departments

Indicates the departments where the selected staff will teach courses in the school for year defined in the header of the module. It is not mandatory for schools to provide this information for staff.

Board Assignments

This bar is used to assign staff to one or more boards. Board users can be a board and a school user at the same time.

Board users are physical users in Trillium that can use functionalities, based on the security privileges assigned to them.

 Assignments list

  •  This is the list of board assignments for the selected staff.
  •  Click Add to add new assignment(s).
  •  Click Delete to delete the selected assignment.
  •  Click Save to save your changes.

Section Controls


Name of the board assigned to the user.


The status of the staff person in this board. The available statuses are Board defined. All statuses other than "Active" are considered Inactive in Trillium.

Staff Type

The position of the staff person in the board.

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