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Via Forms (Online Registration): v.3.7


Via Online Forms - Online Registration 3.7.0  December, 2018


These components and versions are required. This version involves updating various products:

  • Core Trillium v.4.00.00
  • VIA Platformv.1.3.0
  • TWebOLRv.1.72.00
  • Trillium Agentv.2.92.00
  • TWebServices-Authv.5.41.00

Important Note

If you have any outstanding forms, you must process them before deploying TWebOLR 1.72.00.


The "Add a field to ..." buttons display in English rather than French. We apologize and will correct this in a future release.

Hotfix 1

January 18, 2019

Address validation is not working for the address fields Postal Code, City, Street Number and Street Name during new form submission. Address validation is now working properly.

Hotfix 2

January 31, 2019

Some clients reported that fields populated by a drop-down list (School, Grade, etc.) or manually entered (Student's Date of Birth, for example) were not always saved to the database, which resulted in missing mandatory fields in some instances, and errors at migration. Also, some clients have reported the addition of blank Contact entries at submission. Both of these issues are now resolved.

Hotfix 3

February 22, 2019

When submitting a form using a mobile device, the calendar pop-up for date fields was hidden by the touch keyboard. This issue is now resolved, and date data entry is now available through the calendar icon only.


Download Via Online Forms - OnLine Registration 3.7.0 here.

Release Notes

AreaDetailsClient Ticket #TRILL-
EYE SurveyA new field is available which provides access to a .pdf document of the survey questions in additional languages. The drop-down list shows the languages from which parents can pick. The .pdf opens in a new tab and can be used as a reference by parents. They must still provide their answers in either English or French. Configuration Information is here.
EYE SurveyWe updated terminology for the Early Years Experiences (EYE) survey for the English and French schema, to match the Ministry's latest document.
4786, 6091

To provide some flexibility in printing the submission PDF, we have added a new schema setting, Hide from print view, to all the schema fields. Enabling Hide from print view on a field will suppress it when printing. Configuration Information is here.

We also added new a new appSetting called SubmissionPrintFontSize in web.config to control the PDF font size when printing. Configuration Information is here.

OLR Print PDFWe fixed a conditional visibility issue in OLR Print PDF functionality.035818454617
OLR Process SubmissionsWe have added a column called Student's Birth Date in the Process Submissions view.03584768 4162
OLR SchemaUpdated the Add Another button to specify the field name, along with "Add Another," such as "Add Another Telephone" in English and French OLR Schema.




OLR StreetPerfect IntegrationWe have added Postal Code Validation to OLR StreetPerfect Integration03580327 2093
Address ValidationAddress validation using Street Perfect is not working for the address fields Postal Code, City, Street Number and Street Name during new form submission. We have resolved this issue and Street Perfect address validation is now working properly.04306889, 04305303, 04306011, 043128266644
OLR SchemaFields populated by a dropdown list were not always saved to the database, resulting in missing mandatory fields after submission. We fixed that.04328553, 04328046, 04326581, 04325989, 04325507, 04318344,6817
OLR SchemaSome clients reported a situation where extra contacts were added to a form after submission. We fixed that.04289269, 04315454, 04319552, 04323309, 043242206764
OLR SchemaThe Student's Date of Birth is not always saved to the database when entered manually instead of using the date picker. We have fixed this issue; the Date of Birth field must be populated using the date picker.04315475, 04316169, 04321179, 043215436762
Date Validation

When submitting a form using a mobile device, the calendar popup for date fields was hidden by the touch keyboard.  We have corrected that and enabled date entry through the calendar icon only.

To support the calendar entry, any active schema will need to be modified to apply the Date Regular Expression on any date entry field. Instructions are available on PowerSource.



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