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TWebEA Update v.5.42.00


TWebEA 5.42.00  October, 2018


  • This version is compatible with Core Trillium 4.00.00 and higher. 
  • You must be running TWebEA 5.41.00 before updating to this version.


  • TWebEA Download is here

Release Notes 

FunctionDetailsJIRA: Trill-

Report Cards

Multiple pages are generated for CTCC Elementary Achievement Report Cards when a student's Designated School BSID was linked to multiple school codes. We corrected that.

Report CardsModifications have been made to ensure the printing of official Kindergarten Report Cards is now controlled only by the security task KG Achievement - Print Official Report Card. This security task does not have any affect on the printing of Report Cards for Grade 1-8 students. The printing of those is controlled by the board and/or school level Allow Printing of Official Report Cards preference in Core Trillium. Thus, your board can control the printing of KG Report Cards independently of Grade 1-8 Report Cards.3812
Report CardsPrinting JK/SK Report Cards for the 2015-2016 school year no longer triggers an HTTP 500 error.4914
Report CardsWe expanded the student's Legal Name field on the Elementary Progress Report Cards (English versions) to accommodate longer names.4931
If you wish to print these, consult your browser online help to learn how to scale pages to print on one page.

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