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TWebOLR Update v.1.70.00


 TWebOLR 1.70.00 - November 2017


This release adds support for the Ministry's Early Years Education (EYE) initiative and allows migrating survey questions data from Online registration to Trillium SIS. In addition to that, it also provides struts2 upgrade and addresses critical issues.


  • Core Trillium  v. CT 3.16.00 and higher;
  • Trillium Agent v.2.90.00;
  • Via Online Forms (OLR and Demographic Updater)  3.5 or newer;
  • Via Platform 1.2.6 or newer;
  • TWebServices-Auth v.5.40.10;
  • TWebSchAdmin 5.40.40.

Important Note 

You must process any outstanding forms before deploying TWEBOLR 1.70.00. If any old forms have to be processed after TWEBOLR 1.70.00 is installed, your Administrator must manually update the Medical Conditions, and the languages fields directly in Trillium

Release Notes 

FunctionDetailsClient Ticket #
SecurityThe product has been updated with Struts 2 v.2.3.34 to address the vulnerability issue in the Apache Struts 2 web application framework which was announced in September. (see for further details). You don't need to apply the emergency patch if you install this version.NA


Parents fill out EYE survey questions through online registration application and we migrate that data to Trillium database.

We have added required support for that by developing parsers which can migrate survey questions data to Trillium.



We previous had issues with language remark migration, where the first language's remarks were lost after migrating the form to Trillium.

With this fix: If a student's first language is the same as their main language at home, the remarks of both language entries are now combined and accurately migrated to Trillium.



Earlier we had an issue while migrating a new student registration, where the street name was new in the address which does not exist in Trillium Street table yet, and application was generating a complex error. 

We no longer receive that complex error even if the student's City or Street does not exist in the Trillium DB and we can perform successful migration.


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