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Trillium Web: Landing Page


Unless you have shortcuts set up to open specific Trillium modules, or are connecting to Trillium's web products by launching Core Trillium, most schools will come to the Landing Page shown above when you launch Trillium in your browser. At the top of that page are choices for Home, Student, School, Reports and System.


On the Home page, you will find the Favourites and Trillium Announcements panels. Click Edit on the Favourites panel to produce a pop-up with the Application Name picklist. Click Add to insert a new row on your favourites panel. (Click Delete to remove the row.) When you Add, the selected favourite's icon displays – and is stored – on the panel.

On the Trillium Announcements panel, Click Add to produce a pop-up to enter an announcement. Enter the Subject and then the body of your announcement. Click OK, at lower right, to close the pop-up. Your new message is now visible on the Trillium Announcements panel. Click Edit to open the pop-up for the selected announcement, if you need to change anything. Click Delete to remove the selected announcement. Each pop-up includes a standard Spell Checker.


Selections include Admin Attendance and Student Maintenance. (Links connect you to building-based help)


Selections include Incident Tracking, Elementary Achievement Setup (EAS), Secondary Achievement Setup, and Staff Maintenance. 


The tree on the left panel includes a variety of folders. Click the Trillium folder to open the reports that are currently available.


Selections include Change Password, Colour Scheme (choices are Blue, Green, Orange, and Purple), Information about the Landing Page (version, frame version, admin version, etc), System Information and Training Videos.

Note: To change the school and/or school year, you must enter a module – either through Student, School or Reports. On the upper right of each page a drop down for Schools populated with all the schools the user has security access for and a drop down for Year are available for re-selection. 

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