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Core Trillium Update 4.15.01


Core Trillium v.4.15.01 - October 2021


Core Trillium 4.15.01 download is here.

Release Notes

AreaDetailsClient Ticket #JIRA
Attendance Rollup

To facilitate the reporting of school closure information in the October 2021 OnSIS submissions, the attendance rollup has been modified to indicate whether the Ministry reported attendance record has been created from attendance records having an attendance reason code that has been flagged as a school closure reason.

Schools should ensure that they have updated the 'School Closure' flag that was introduced to the Attendance Reason Code Validation table in TwebSchAdmin 5.44.00 for all reason codes that will be used to indicate that the school was closed and no online learning was available. Once the codes have been flagged, the school should trigger the attendance rollup for all past school days

Second Language ProgramsA native second language program of ‘Inuktitut’ is now available and can be reported to OnSIS.
Continuing Education RegistersFull time students participating in continuing education courses during a summer school’s school day were not included. This has been corrected.





Attendance Roll UpThe attendance roll up function has been modified to include inactive students in its processing.
PT Minutes Calculation

The Rebuild Part Time minutes process was modified to calculate minutes correctly for students who are no longer shared during the last quadmester of the school year.


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